Top tips & tricks for barely there makeup

Anyone who knows me personally would know that I've never been a fan of heavy makeup. As much as I love a good dark lip for a night out, when it comes to my everyday look, I like to keep it as natural as possible. A few products to brighten up the eyes and lips and I'm good to go! 🙂 So here are some of my top tips for ...
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10 commandments for perfecting your lip game

Is it just me or does anyone else think that having a strong red lipstick game is a prerequisite for a successful February? Well if it is just me, then let me try and convert you..... I honestly think there's nothing worse than seeing someone desperately fail at trying to pull off Monroe’s infamous red lip. Dried out and cracked up lips don’t look pretty under any lip shade, never mind ...
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When to replace your makeup

It's funny how people jump so quickly to throw out foods that have past their due date, but when it comes to makeup products, they suddenly become hoarders and cling on to them as if these products were irreplaceable – something I know about all too well! Believe it or not, the effect of using beauty products past their shelf life could be a lot more damaging than you’d think. For starters, expired ...
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Review: W7 Cosmetics Ebony Range

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would know that I was recently sent a full range of makeup products from a brand called w7 cosmetics. Some of you may have come across w7 products in your local chemist, as they are widely known for having Naked palette dupes - gotta love a good duplicate! W7 cosmetics has been in Ireland for the past three years. In such a ...
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Get a sun kissed glow with MeMeMe Cosmetics

For this review, I’m going to be looking at the MeMeMe products that were sent to me a few weeks back. If you are familiar with MeMeMe, then you've probably noticed the brand’s growing presence in Ireland. Years ago, MeMeMe products were always under stocked and generally not the easiest to find. But now that the brand has become more popular, you can find different lines of this affordable brand ...
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9 things to know about applying winged liner

Do you sometimes wonder how some girls have the most perfect winged liner? Or more precisely, how they manage to keep their eye makeup looking flawless while yours is close to smudging away? Well, we’ve all been on that boat at some stage or another but thankfully, it’s not a place you’ll be revisiting any time soon! Although having steady hands plays a big part in having your liner next ...
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The ins and outs of using blusher

Photo credit When it comes to putting on blusher, some people get it right but a whole lot of people get it wrong. It’s almost like the ones who get it wrong put very little thought into the colour and formula of their blusher and then simply dab the product onto their face in hopes that things will miraculously work out well for them –even though it rarely ever does ...
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5 affordable makeup dupes for high-end products

There’s nothing worse than setting your eyes on a new lippy, falling in love with it and then realising that it is way over your normal lipstick budget. ‘Steal or splurge?’ is the question I find myself asking when I’m trying to decide how badly I really need –or want – that €35 lipstick. While some high-end products are well worth the splurge, others shouldn’t even cost half as much ...
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Makeup tips for Valentine’s Day

The first thing that springs to mind for a Valentine's Day look is the red lip: a defined and sultry red lip. But what comes after that? Not a lot of people get that far! When it comes to Valentines Day makeup, your look should be three things: subtle, but not invisible, sexy, but not slutty and effortless, but not lazy. These three things combined will surely give your date ...
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