As of July 2016, any products that have been gifted or sent to me by a PR company in consideration for a product review will be marked with a (*). You will get my honest opinion on any products that are featured in this blog, regardless of whether or not the product were complimentary. 


My health & fitness posts are not a substitute for professional medical advice. I simply enjoy sharing  the exercises/health practices that I follow on a regular basis.  While I did take an online course in Sports Nutrition, I think you should always seek advice from a health professional before either trying any of the exercises I mention in this blog or any foods or recipes that you are not familiar with. 


The views I express in my dating and relationship blogs are confined to heterosexual relationships, unless otherwise stated. I write from my own personal perspective which is inherently that of a cis-gendered female and my dealings with cis-gendered males. I am fascinated by the dynamics of  male/female interactions and while I understand other sexualities and gender identities also exist, my focus is on my own subjective experiences because that is what I know and feel the most comfortable writing about.  

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If you are a PR company any would like to collaborate with me or if you work for a publication and you’re looking for contributors, feel free to email me at enhancewhatsyours@gmail.com.

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