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The ins and outs of using blusher


the ins and outs of blusher

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When it comes to putting on blusher, some people get it right but a whole lot of people get it wrong. It’s almost like the ones who get it wrong put very little thought into the colour and formula of their blusher and then simply dab the product onto their face in hopes that things will miraculously work out well for them –even though it rarely ever does.

Being smart about applying blush can save you some money but most importantly, it can save you a lot of time. Finding a skin-type appropriate formula and a colour that will make you look the most natural will help make the whole blusher application process much easier.

So which formulas do I get to choose from?

Power – this is probably one of the easiest formulas out there to use, especially since it works well on all skin tones.

Cream – this type goes on very smoothly and leaves a dewy finish. They work best for dry-skin types.

Cream/Powder – this goes on like cream but then dries to a long-lasting powder finish. It is best suited for normal skin-types.

Gel – this gives a sheer colour, but since blending gel blushers can be a bit trickier, they work the best when you have smooth skin.

Cheek Tints – these can be a bit like gel blush. They give a stained look, but can be very difficult to blend. Cheek tints work best with smooth skin.

Chubby Pencils – these are pretty easy to blend and work well with normal to dry skin types.

Pot Rouge – these are usually packaged in little pots and provide a sheer stain on the cheeks. They are suited for normal to dry skin types.

As you can see, blushers come in different shapes or forms and there is usually something out there for everyone. Once you have the right formula, choosing the right colour should be your next step.

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The pinch test

This is probably one of the best ways to find a blusher that will make you look the most natural. All you have to do is pinch one of your cheeks and then find a shade that is closest to the colour of your cheek when you pinch (it works all the time). Hold up a few different shades near your face until you find the right colour.

Applying blusher

Once you have both your formula and colour sorted, you can think about the whole application process. When applying blusher, it is always a good idea to use as little as possible at first and then build it up gradually. If using powder blush, start closer in the apples of the cheeks and brush outward toward the hairline and then down to soften the edges. Your face should look balanced and natural. If you need to soften any heavy application then you can use a powder puff!

A tip from the professionals:

Using two shades of blush, apply your natural colour and then add a pop of a brighter colour on top. The natural shade looks great at first, but often fades easily. The brighter shade alone is often great for the evening, but too much of a contrast for everyday. This layering technique offers natural brightness.

– Bobbi Brown

Hope you found this useful, let me know if you think I’m missing anything! 🙂

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