Posted on July 22, 2020

Black Irish Lives: The Irish Times Magazine


black irish lives

The first Sunday of July 2020 will always be one to remember because on that very morning I drove down to my local newsagent to pick up a copy of a special edition of The Irish Times.

Not only was I excited to get my hands on an issue that centres on black writers, black voices and the black community within Irish society. But I also wanted to bear the fruits of labour.

In the weeks prior to the release of the ‘Black Irish Lives’ issue of The Irish Times Magazine, I had spent a good bit of time interviewing talented black people in Ireland for the ‘People to Watch’ segment of the issue.

Working alongside RTÉ presenter Zainab Boladale for the shared byline, I got the opportunity to discover amazing black talent in a variety of industries. From music artists to gastronomy lovers, the black talent in Ireland really has no bounds.

Among many others, I interviewed European junior champion, Gina-Akpe Moses and discovered that she has her eye on winning Olympic medals in the future as well as Drogheda-based drill rapper, Offica, who is not green to creating hit singles.

Working on a project that positively highlights how well the black community has integrated within the Irish society brought me great joy. It was an absolute honour to take part in something so monumental in Irish history and I enjoyed every second of amplifying incredible black talent!

A massive thank you to Rachel Collins and Emma Dabiri for creating the Black Irish Lives issue of The Irish Times and if you didn’t manage to nab yourself a copy, you can have a read of the ‘People to Watch’ segment here.

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