Posted on March 26, 2014

8 essential makeup brushes

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When it comes to achieving a flawless makeup look, the quality of your makeup brushes is just as important as the quality of the products you use. Too often, people underestimate the power of a good makeup brush. They think any old makeup brush could do the trick when in reality, the most expensive makeup products won’t look as nice as they could if you don’t have the right brushes.

That’s not to say that we should all spend an arm and a leg on makeup brushes, you can still find good quality ones at a reasonable price. Once you have the essentials, you can take your time to build up your makeup brush collection.

Here are the brushes I think every woman needs to start off with.

Foundation brush
Whether it’s a flat sided foundation brush or a stippling brush, a quality foundation brush will ensure you don’t end up with a streaky finish or that dreaded painted look.

Concealer brush
A good concealer brush hides even the most sinful beauty problems. One of these could make you forget you ever had dark circles!

Angled eye brush
If it weren’t for this brush I would probably have bad eyebrows! This multi-purpose brush can be used to fill in your brows and give it the definition that it deserves and it can also be used on your lash line for eye liner.

Eye shadow brush
You may be tempted to use your fingers to apply eye shadow, but a flat eye shadow brush nicely gets the eye shadow onto your lid.

Eye shadow blending brush
Anyone who loves a good smokey eye, needs a good blending brush. Without one, you will be left with streaks and lines and that kind of defeats the purpose of ‘smokey’

Blusher brush
Angled blusher brushworks really well because you can also use it for contouring.

Powder brush
I like to set my makeup with a face powder brush so that everything stays intact. Primer is good, but when it’s used with setting powder your makeup lasts even longer.

Lip brush
A good lip brush helps your lip color penetrate deeply into your lips so that your lipstick lasts a lot longer.

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