6 RIDICULOUS stereotypes during my year of celibacy For my fourth vlog, I decided to share with you guys some of the funny stereotypes I got from people during my year of celibacy. From being accused of wanting to 'tighten things up' to being branded as a man-hating feminist. I pretty much got both - if not every - end of the stick! But as I always say, it's better to laugh it off than to cry ...
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new year new dude

New year, new……. dude? 10 tips for having sex with a new partner

It’s mid-January. So that means the majority of you are either trying to convince yourself that this is the year you will finally commit to the New Year’s resolutions you set for yourself nearly half a decade ago, or you've already succumb to the defeatist attitude by deciding your New Year's resolutions were never really that achievable to begin with- people are so predictable *insert eye roll emoji* As you ...
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8 perks of being a single gal

I was once told that I am a frilly pair of knickers away from being a Bridget Jones. Although I've never had much interest in the films and consequently know the absolute minimum when it comes to Bridget’s actual character, common knowledge would tell me that I wasn’t being complimented. But believe it or not, I wasn't offended in the slightest. The main reason being is that I am a ...
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hearts rarely

Celibacy: One year on

This time last week, I was absolutely dreading writing this article, let alone actually publishing it. But after having received one of the most heart-warming gifts by a very good friend of mine, of a framed certificate to congratulate me on completing 12 months of celibacy, I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to go live with this. I think the path of celibacy is ...
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5 types of men you will meet before your thirties

5 types of men you’ll meet before your thirties

A few people have asked me why I stopped writing my relationship articles - if that’s even what you can call them! But to be honest, it isn’t the easiest topic to write about. While I try my best to be as witty and as humorous as I can, some of the experiences I’ve written about are a bit personal. I guess you just have to know me on a ...
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10 signs you’ve been friend zoned

You may associate the word ‘friend zone’ with men who get repeatedly rejected by women who are out of their league. Or more precisely, that poor fella who wants more than a platonic relationship with his bestie but because she's never given him the green light, he keeps his mouth shut – sounds familiar, doesn't it? While the friend zone is most commonly a place where men are left to ...
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money happiness

5 steps to moving on

Breakups suck. They really do. And whether it's the end of a romantic relationship or a platonic one, nobody enjoys getting rid of someone who played such a huge role in their life. That's why it's important to take necessary steps to ensure that you move on in the healthiest way possible.Yes, there will be some ice cream involved - there is always ice cream involved! So when I say ...
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the breakup film2

What not to do after a breakup

After a breakup, you may feel a combination of many emotions: disappointment, heartbreak and sometimes even regret. The aftermath of a long or shortterm relationship is never pretty, and in cases where a few bottles of wine are involved, it can get a bit messy - I know this, all too well! While blaring ‘I Will Survive’ in your room every morning and although making a cow out of yourself ...
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carrie bradshaw

8 types of men you should avoid dating

I can’t sit here and say that every single one of my exes were idiots, because that would be a lie. But there were certainly one or two – okay maybe three - four max, that I would gladly give that title to. If all the years that I’ve spent being in either a serious relationship or in a confused situationship, has taught me anything, it is this: there are ...
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10 signs you’re a hopeless romantic

I’ve often been told that I’m a hopeless romantic. Although I don’t think I’m one, I do have a fair idea of why someone might call me that. For starters, I am a bit of dreamer: whether it’s to do with my career or my relationships, my mind often wanders to places where most people's minds don't. Secondly, I find it hard to let go. Now, I don’t mean that ...
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