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Dating trends to leave in 2019

Whenever I listen to one of my single friends update me on their latest dating woes, I can only thank God that I no longer have to wrestle with the possibility of a recent right swipe being something I'd later regret. It would seem that the trials and tribulations of modern dating are becoming increasingly tiresome and at this rate, I have the impression that a single first date horror ...
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Tinder VS Nurture: has online dating exposed human nature?

Throughout my years of attempting to navigate the bewildering world of modern romance, I’ve had many aversions towards online dating and widely used apps such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish. Without delving straight into it or coming across as deeply judgmental, I will simply say that for the good part of the first few years Tinder surfaced into today's dating world, I was under the impression that they were ...
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Spend a romantic night away at The Address at Dublin 1

I've recently had the pleasure of waking up to a rather picturesque view from my king size bed at The Address at Dublin 1. After a much needed overnight stay in the 4-star hotel which overlooked the long-standing central railway station of North Dublin, it quickly occurred to me that Dublin has a plethora of hidden gems that often go unnoticed during the hustle and bustle of city life. So today I ...
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Dating women in their 20s VS dating women in their 30s

Yes, you read that correctly and no, I haven't started swimming in a new dating pool... Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I guess I should address the second burning question some of you might have: what brings such an intriguing debate to a blog that typically explores topics surrounding dating and relationships from the perspective of a black female from a small town on the Emerald ...
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10 ways to get a text back on Bumble

Anyone who has ever flirted with the idea of using online dating as a means of finding a partner would undoubtedly corroborate my words: it is slim pickings out there. While I have been quite fortunate with the vast majority of dates I've had (which contrary to what some of you may think have been few or far in between) I still recognise that the world of modern dating has become ...
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Skate and date with Dundrum On Ice

Whether you’re planning a first date with a new love interest, keeping the spark alive in a comfortable relationship or looking for ways to rekindle an old flame, a prerequisite for any successful date consists of two things: sparkling conversation and good old fashioned fun! 🙂 The Skate and Date initiative with Dundrum On Ice offers exactly that (if not more) by providing a top quality seasonal ice skating experience for ice ...
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4 Reasons To Get It On This Halloween

Halloween only comes once a year, but all of the sweets tend to last for weeks - unless of course you're living in my household! But just because the annual holiday is largely driven towards kids, it doesn’t mean that adults can't reap the benefits too! Whether you’re in a committed relationship or a casual one, rolling in the hay has some benefits that can make your Halloween just as fun ...
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10 things all singletons can learn from Love Island 2018

Let's be clear on something: contrary to what my Twitter feed will have you think, I am not a Love Island superfan. In fact, this is the first year I tuned in to the show from the very beginning - I know, I was a bit late jumping joining the bandwagon! Last year, my slow addiction to the reality show developed mid-season, after catching a glimpse of the tension created by ...
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Do men age better than women?

TimeHop: A nifty Facebook feature designed to depress individuals who have surpassed the prime of their beauty (for those of you wondering). In my early twenties (when I still had my looks going for me), I used to take pride in the fact that I was never enticed by the idea of plastic surgery. Now some of you may not be surprised by the concept of a young twenty something ...
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That sugar baby life: dreamy romance or glorified prostitution?

When I first heard about sugar relationships, I was rather naive about the whole concept. The notion that a wrinkled  wealthy man could financially support a young and attractive woman while asking for nothing but her presence in return was not something that set off any alarm bells. I thought, why wouldn't a financially stable man support a twenty something year old through college if he has the means to? If ...
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