Posted on October 24, 2014

Dream Dots for Spots

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I was kindly sent this product for review and I must say, I was pretty impressed with the results.

Anyone who is prone to outbreaks can be very skeptical of products that claim to work overnight. Like any normal person, I dismiss such claims and continue on my quest to find the ‘perfect’ spot product to help me get rid of those little buggers.

Of course, Dream Dots for Spots was no different.

After one night of using this product I saw very little improvement (I was even starting to think it made my skin worse). Since I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about this product, I decided to give it another go and I have to say, I’m very glad I did.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of it all, I think it’s a good idea to show you how this product actually works:

dream dots for spots


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As you can see, it is very simple and it doesn’t take much time to apply at all. One packet comes with 24 patches inside and it costs €14.95. You can also get a double packet of 48 patches which costs €30.00.

According to their website, Dream Dots isn’t just a sticker –

It’s a unique super absorbent hydro matrix patch device. It targets spots and breakouts overnight using no harsh ingredients, yet gives dramatically effective results. With a 100% waterproof, breathable, satin-smooth, wafer-thin surface, it acts seamlessly as a second skin, conforming to any contour of the face. On contact with the spot, the patented core locks in and absorbs the spot exudate. A moist healing environment is formed, maintaining ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration levels while sealing in repair factors, which leads to faster healing. Pain is reduced as nerve endings are cushioned and protected in this moist condition. The patch swells and turns white overnight as it absorbs exudate giving a visible reduction in redness and inflammation when removed in the morning.

From my experience of using Dream Dots, I have to say that it is a product that needs to be used over a couple of nights to get the best results. It didn’t do anything for me overnight – not a lot of products do, but after day 2 I started to see some amount of improvement!

Overall, this is definitely a product I’ll be keeping near by. I especially like the fact that it isn’t a cream so you can get away with wearing it during the day by simply hiding it under your hair – or weave – whichever works best for you!

Now for some pros and cons of Dream Dots for Spots:


  • Easy to apply
  • Quite effective after 2-3 days
  • Great packaging
  • Super portable – you can hide it in your wallet
  • You can pretty much wear it anywhere
  • Available to purchase online


  • Can be sore when removing
  • Slightly overpriced

I wouldn’t say it would work for severe acne sufferers but it definitely gets the job done for the odd spot or two – you know, the ones that usually appear before a big day? Yup, those exact ones! So if you’re prone to sneaky spot outbreaks then this product is worth giving a try!

If you want to learn more about the science behind Dream Dots you can find all the deets here. For those of you who have already used it, I’d love to know how you got on! Feel free to share your thoughts down below 🙂

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