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Posted on February 9, 2015

Makeup tips for Valentine’s Day

Makeup/ Tips

valentine's day gift

The first thing that springs to mind for a Valentine’s Day look is the red lip: a defined and sultry red lip. But what comes after that? Not a lot of people get that far!

When it comes to Valentines Day makeup, your look should be three things: subtle, but not invisible, sexy, but not slutty and effortless, but not lazy. These three things combined will surely give your date something to admire  and who knows, they might even get you another date 😉

Tip #1: Subtle, but not invisible

subtle but not invisible makeup

Like any other day, your face should not look like it’s caked with makeup. There’s nothing attractive about having foundation streaks across the face or under your jaw line. Keep your base light and natural and when choosing a blusher, use a colour that is close to your natural skin tone.


  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise the face.
  2. Prep it with primer.
  3. Apply foundation and then a bit of concealer on the areas that need extra coverage.
  4. Use a light bronzer to contour cheek bones.
  5. Add a pop of colour on the cheeks.

Tip #2: Sexy, but not slutty

valentine's day makeup

The iconic 50s look of the winged liner and a red lip always gets a few heads turning. When done correctly, a winged liner just oozes of sexiness. The red lip just tops that off! Be sure to take your time when doing your winged liner, a small mistake can cost you more time. And to make your lipstick last longer, make sure you blot, apply your lippy (using a lip brush) and then blot again. Blotting helps the colour get right in there!


  1. Prepare eye makeup with a neutral eye shadow.
  2. With a gel or liquid liner, draw a line from the outer corner of your eye towards the brow.
  3. Create the winged effect by bringing the line back to the center of your eye lid.
  4. Slightly thicken the line and then fill in the gaps.
  5. Set with black eye shadow.

Tip #3: Effortless,but not lazy

beach wave curls

I can’t think of a time or place where you can’t rock beach wave curls! They give off that ‘I woke up like this’ look, without making you feel like you actually did just roll out of bed! They’re effortless and sexy at the same time, and the best part is: you don’t even need a curler to pull of this look, straighteners work just fine!


  1. Starting from the back of your head, grab a small section of your hair.
  2. Twist the hair around your fingers until you get to the top.
  3. Put the rolled hair in between your straighteners and hold for a few seconds before releasing.
  4. Repeat the process all the way through and then spray your hair with holding spray.
  5. Run your fingers through the curls to break them up

Hope you found these tips useful! If you have any suggestions, feel free to speak up! Also, don’t forget to enter my Valentine’s Day giveaway, as you’ll be in for a very lovely treat if you do win! 🙂

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Posted on November 16, 2014

Top tips for moisturising the skin

Beauty/ Skincare


Moisturisers do more than simply keep your skin hydrated; they are the true foundation of youth. The right one will enhance your skin by making it look brighter, smoother and healthier.  As well as that, they keep your skin protected from the weather and all the nasty chemicals polluting the air.

Whether you have dry skin, normal skin, combination skin or oily skin, it will benefit from you using some sort of moisturiser.

Here are some pro tips for moisturising the skin:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and dry them properly before applying moisturiser.
  2. Use a  nickel-size amount on the face.
  3. Warm the moisturiser between your hands before usage.
  4. Always apply moisturiser while the skin is slightly damped.
  5. Use firm upward strokes during application.
  6. Gently press the product on the skin until it’s been completely absorbed.
  7. Use an oil control around our T-zone if you have oily skin.
  8. Use a balm with ingredients such as shea butter or glycerine, if you have dry skin.
  9. Always use a separate balm formulated specifically for lips.
  10. Mix a few different textures of moisturisers to get the best results i.e cream with natural oils.
  11. A fast-absorbing eye cream under concealer will help the skin under the eyes look smooth.
  12. Always use an SPF.

Hope you found these tips useful, if you have anything to add, then feel free to share!

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Posted on October 31, 2014

How to use makeup to hide your raging hangover

How To/ Natural beauty


Sometimes, the excitement of dressing up for Hallowe’en and heading out with the girls can lead to one too many drinks. Typically, you end up waking up with a mid-blowing headache and disgustingly puffy eyes that make you look and feel like you’ve gone through hell and back.

So if things get a little out of hand tonight, here are a few makeup tricks that will help bring some life back to your face.

Begin with the eyes

Dehydrating beverages and very little sleep can lead to puffy eyes.  You can tackle puffy eyes using one of the methods I previously discussed: sliced cucumbers, cold spoons or tea bags.

Conceal, conceal, conceal

Concealing is the name of the game. Some clever concealing will help you cover a multitude of beauty problems – especially when you need it the most. A touch of concealer will help neutralise your eyes and get rid of any redness.

Forget the foundation

I couldn’t think of a better time to skip foundation than the morning after the night before. Your skin couldn’t handle the thickness of foundation after a night of heavy drinking – it is just too dried out! Forget the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser or CC cream instead.

Add some colour

A bit of blusher always helps with the lifeless look the skin takes after a night out. Don’t go too heavy though, one or two sweeps should do the trick – with this one you can bring the freshness back to your face one sweep at a time!

Stay hydrated

As you know, alcohol robs your skin of moisture. So rehydrating is probably one of the most important steps you need to take when it comes to trying to make your skin look more radiant. Coconut water is absolutely great for this, it also keeps you energised!

Don’t neglect the hair

I always find that my hair isn’t at its best after a night out – it reeks of smoke (even though I’m not a smoker), and it generally doesn’t look like it’s on it’s A game. If you don’t have time to give it a good wash, then do use some dry shampoo to keep it looking and smelling fresh.

I hope you’ll find these tips useful, if you have any other tips, feel free to share them with me! Have fun tonight 🙂

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Posted on October 8, 2014

Foundation VS concealer: which comes first?


foundation vs concealer

At this stage, it’s probably been drilled into your head that concealer has to come before foundation. But, the truth of the matter is that it all really comes down to how much coverage you want and what exactly it is you want to achieve (besides flawless looking skin).

Some people only have a few blemishes, meaning they mightn’t require any concealer at all because with non-serious cases, foundation gives just enough coverage to hide unwanted marks. However, others feel that they need concealer to achieve flawless looking skin – or at least to fake a flawless base!

The debate between foundation and concealer application is ongoing and it even brings about conflicting answers from professional makeup artists.  This has lead me to believe that it really comes down to personal choice.

Here’s why you might want to apply foundation first:

If your face feels naked without foundation, apply it first. Then dot concealer only where you need extra coverage.

—Cynde Watson, founder of Color by Cynde Watson

Here’s why you might like to start off with concealer:

If you don’t like to wear a full face of foundation, apply concealer first to the areas that need full coverage. Then you might find you don’t need foundation at all—or need only a little bit to even out skin tone and make your skin look flawless.

—Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

I normally apply foundation first and then go over a few areas with some concealer afterwards.  Which do you start off with? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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Posted on August 21, 2013

Gosh BB Skin Perfecting Kit

product review

gosh bb skin perfecting kit

If you’ve read my post on highlighting and contouring, you would know that I love the overall look achieved after sculpting and defining the face. So when I came across the Gosh BB Skin perfecting kit, it should be no surprise to you that I felt instantly drawn to it (with reason!)

At only 10.99, the Gosh BB Skin perfecting kit comes in two different shades: Light and Medium (as pictured above) The kit contains two concealers and one shimmering highlighter (which is fabulous)

How to use the Gosh BB skin perfecting kit:

1. Using your finger tips or a concealer brush, apply the lightest color concealer right under your eyes if you want to brighten up dark circles.

2. To cover up any other imperfections, mix the shades until you get the closest match to your skin tone.

3. And for my favorite step, use the highlighter under your brows and above your cheekbones for a fabulous finish!

 Remember: If you use a powder foundation, conceal first, if you use a liquid foundation, conceal after!

Now for my honest opinion:

Because I’d use the Gosh BB skin perfecting kit for a day look, I’m not too pushed on the pasty concealers that would normally be suited for a night time look. The highlighter however is a very close match to my skin tone (with a bit of a sparkle) so I found it perfect for enhancing the shape of my eye brows and for giving me higher raised cheek bones.

Normally I would use MAC prep + prime highlighter, but again, I’d rather use that for a night time look so the Gosh BB skin perfecting kit really saved me from using my MAC highlighter on a daily basis.

Have you used the Gosh BB skin perfecting kit yet? If so feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback below!

P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to be in a chance to take part of my free giveaway! 

If you want to read another witty article, check out my post on stiletto nails on the Starlit Jewellery blog!

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Posted on August 5, 2013

Makeup Tips: 5 Quick Beauty Fixes


make up fixes

We’ve all been in a situation where we think we’re nearly finished with our makeup, then all of a sudden one of our cheeky lashes manages to make it’s way into our eyes…… not the best feeling in the world is it?

As much as it irritates me, I’ve managed to find a good trick to get rid of the little bugger without completely ruining my look! So I’m going to let you in on my little secret while sharing 5 quick beauty fixes with you so I hope these makeup tips will make your life that much easier!

1. When your mascara smudges before you go through the front door, consider yourself lucky because that could have gone unnoticed! For a quick beauty fix, just dip one end of your cotton bud into your moisturizer and gently remove the smudge from your face! Then use the other side of the cotton bud to get rid of any excess moisturizer.

2. If you’ve gone a bit heavy with the blusher, mix a bit of your moisturizer with your foundation (on the back of your hand) then lightly blend it onto your cheeks if you’ve used a cream blush, if not, lightly go over your cheeks with fixing powder (or translucent powder)

3. To prevent creamy eye shadow from creasing, lightly brush some translucent powder on your eyes after you’ve applied the cream shadow (this translucent powder really is a saving grace!)

4. If you want to prevent your eyeliner from smudging, apply the same-color eye shadow over the liner. Applying eye shadow on top on your liquid or gel liner will seal your eyeliner so that it will last longer without smudging, this is my favorite makeup tip!

and now for the one we’ve been waiting for…….

5. If your eye lash gets into your eye after you’ve applied your eye makeup, DO NOT panic!! Follow these simple guidelines:

-Wash and dry your hands so you can be sure that their clean.

-Open your eyes wide until you’ve spotted the lash.

-Once spotted, move the lash to the inner corner of your eye lid.

-Let the corner of a clean square of tissue slowly touch the lash and  if you do it right, you will witness some sort of magnet affect with the two!

This has always worked for me and because the tissue is thin so it isn’t too uncomfortable! just make sure you don’t use too much tissue, because if you do, that might get stuck in your eye and you will be left with two problems rather than one!

What are your quick beauty fixes and favorite makeup tips? Would love to get some feedback on what you find works/ doesn’t work for you so feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to be in a chance to take part of my free giveaway!

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Posted on June 26, 2013

How to find the right foundation

How To

the right foundation

Searching for the right foundation may prove to be a rather stressful experience and more often than not, the foundation people do end up with aren’t completely satisfactory and in some cases women just settle for something they think  ‘will do’ not knowing that there are better options out there for them.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to be as unfortunate as others! you get to have your foundation especially picked out to suit your needs.
With the help of Poppy, a personalised foundation search tool used to find the perfect foundation for your skin exclusively! I know they say ‘when something is too good to be true it’s probably not’,well I kid you not , this time around  it’s more than just true, it’s a dream come true! visit and see for yourself.
On the first page of this website a cute pink button that reads ‘let’s begin’ will tempt you to click it.
Once you finally give in to this temptation (which you will) , you will be asked to enter your name and email address before the magic begins…..
the right foundation
As you can see, Poppy welcomes you in a rather sophisticated manner, she will then ask you a series of questions regarding your skin tones, your skin type and what kind of coverage you’re looking for.
In the end, a summary of your details will be shown to you. This is needed in order to maximize Poppy‘s search (as well as confirming the info you entered, you could always go back if you have to change something) 
By letting the expert know which foundations you’ve already tried and by rating these foundations, Poppy will be in a better position to pick out the right foundation!
After completing these simple steps, you will then be given the names of the recommended foundations for you, here’s a look at mine:
the right foundation
These were the lucky three that made it to the finish line for me, I tried a sample of them and found each to be great,  but the gold medal would definitely have to go to Laura Mercier. It is by far my favorite!
Now with the debs coming up, this would be a great tool to use to help you achieve that flawless Kim Kardashian  finish! Introduce yourself to Poppy and be the belle of the ball!
For those of you who will try this out, feel free to tweet me your results, would love to know how you get on!
Thanks for reading this post.

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