Posted on August 21, 2015

New beauty range alert!!! The Body Shop Oils Of Life & Spa Of The World

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thebody shop spa of the world

Yesterday evening saw the launch of two new ranges from The Body Shop: Oils Of Life, a skincare range which uses natural seed oils to revive, replenish & revitalise the skin, and Spa Of The World, a collection of pampering-session products which were created using naturally sourced ingredients from different parts of the world.

To mark this special occasion, a group of bloggers were invited to get pampered in their Grafton Street store, and being an avid fan of the Italian Summer Fig, I was delighted to be asked to attend the event.

the body shop event

Unfortunately, I showed up a tad bit late, so I missed all the lovely talks and speeches. However, I still got the chance to get my beautiful henna tattoo done, indulge in some gourmet popcorn from Cornude and fresh strawberries from Nudiefoods and of course, have a look at the new collections.

the body shop oils and spa

Of all the oils, scrubs and creams I got to play around with, I must say that my favourite was the Japanese Camellia Cream. It is velvet moisturising body cream that has a soft and silky texture. I fell in love with the smell of it and found it subtle, but still very captivating. It’s definitely going down on the wish list!

the body shop cream

To make up for being late, I stayed towards the very end so I got the chance to catch up with my fellow blogger friends and even meet some new ones (the perks of being in the blogging world!).Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take home a goodie bag, as they were all out – sign of a good event!

However, the lovely Revolve girls are sending one out to me so be sure to keep an eye on my mini reality TV show a.k.a Snap Chat to see what I’ll be getting! 🙂

And before I leave you, how amazing is the design on my henna tattoo?

the body shop henna tattoo

A big thank you to Revolve, The Body Shop, Cornude, Nudiefoods for such a fab evening! 

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