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Posted on July 31, 2017

5 signs you may be addicted to the gym


When most people hear the word addiction, one of two things automatically spring to mind: drugs or alcohol. It’s easy to associate the word addiction with a substance because when we look at the top most common addictions, both drugs and alcohol rank quite high up in the echelon.

Due to the high-tech age we are currently living in, social media addiction would probably cross your mind also. As would gambling, sex, food, the list goes on really. But very much to my surprise, only a small pocket of society would even think of the prospect of exercise addiction.

I personally find it quite troubling because as a regular gym goer, I see the same faces time after time working their absolute socks off on the gym floor to achieve their fitness goals. It often makes me question whether they too are like me, and get agitated if for some reason they miss a workout.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of some indicators that you may be addicted to exercise and going to the gym.

1. You feel like it’s never enough


No matter how intense your workout is or what milestone you hit, you never feel fully satisfied. You always crave more and you’re always hungry for more. Even seconds after completing an intense workout you are already thinking about your next one – you just feel like it’s never enough!

Solution: Your body eventually adapts to the pressure you put on it, so that desired feeling you are searching for may be unattainable. Instead of using your feelings to measure your success, measure your progress by looking at the numbers – can you carry more weights then this time last month? Can you do more cardio now? etc…

2. You’re guilt-ridden after eating ‘bad foods’

Click for egg-free protein pancakes recipe

Consuming something as little as a bar of chocolate triggers waves of guilt because you feel as though you are cheating on the gym, your diet and your workout. As a result, you end up over-training in your next session, exercising longer and harder, yet still beating yourself up over spilled milk (or spilled frappe!)

Solution: Prescribe times during the week for when you’ll allow yourself to have a cheat treat so this way you will avoid ‘falling off track.’ If going back to processed junk is a complete no for you, then why not try making your own? I have loads of recipes here.

3. You exercise more than once a day

Exercises for toned legs

Asking the trainers at your gym for a weigh in and measurements every two weeks is slightly obsessive for a non athlete, since exercising isn’t something that you are being paid to do. This is probably one of the biggest tell-tale signs that you may have an addiction to working out, especially if your personal relationships are suffering from it.

Solution: Spending excessive hours in the day exercising with no rest is actually more counterproductive than you think, your body needs to recover in order for you to build muscle and have the strength that is required for you to go that extra mile during your next workout.

4. You suffer from withdrawal symptoms

You’re either at the gym or thinking about the gym. You invest so much time and energy into getting a workout done – even when you’re exhausted – that going a few days without exercise makes you agitated, moody and incredibly tense. Such extreme reactions from a lack of exercise can indicate that your body is hooked on that euphoric feeling that comes from high levels of physical activity.

Solution: Find a hobby that will not require you to move physically in order to feel accomplished or satisfied with yourself. Creative activities such as baking or writing might help keep your anxiety at bay.

5. Your social life is suffering

Your gym schedule in causing you to miss out on social gatherings and even when you do get the chance to have a human interaction with someone who isn’t part of your gym life, you find a way to turn it down because you’d rather spend the evening using the row machine than talking to actual living people outside of the gym.

Solution: Your mind and body need a break from all the hours you put into the gym. Balance and moderation is key  in life. Taking some time out to spend with your loved ones will not only be good for your body, but it will give you the peace of mind you didn’t even know you needed. 

While there are other behaviours that may indicate a definite addiction to exercise, I can say from experience that if you are exhibiting even one of these symptoms, then it is time to re-evaluate things.

Only a mental health care provider can truly tell you whether or you have an addiction, but these habits are still pretty self-destructive and could have some damaging effects in the long run.

Always look after the health of your mind, because you are your longest commitment.

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Posted on July 17, 2017

YouTube regrets & self-reflection

vlog/ youtube

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day 🙂

I have a new video up on my channel all about YouTube regrets and whether or not I have any following the drama with my open letter. I think self-refection is absolutely vital when it comes to maintaining a healthy mind and perspective on things, so I touch a bit on the importance of sitting with yourself and tuning in with your mind.

I hope you enjoy this video, and be sure to watch till the end as I will be showing you my giveaway products! 🙂

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Posted on July 14, 2017

Egg-free protein pancakes


A few months back I got a food intolerance test done for my skin. I was told I needed to avoid eggs, wheat and yeast to prevent my breakouts. It came as such a shock to me because there was a time in my life where I couldn’t imagine going a day without eating eggs – I absolutely loved them, and I still do. If you cooked up a dippy egg in front of me, a little part of me would probably break. However, I did eliminate eggs from my diet and I noticed a significant change in my skin.

And now,with the realisation that the big 30 is only around the corner, I’ve decided to start taking my diet more seriously. I’m slowly cutting out wheat and yeast from my diet and started taking a plant-based protein supplement also. I chose a pea protein powder because milk products don’t always agree with my body.

All in all, I am more serious about health this year than I ever was. If I didn’t like red meat so much I would likely be vegan, but I’m not sure I am quite ready for such a commitment just yet – baby steps! 🙂

So this recipe is me moving in a slow pace towards a healthier body, mind and soul:


  • 300ml warm water
  • 2 tbsp milled chia seed
  • 250ml almond milk
  • 75g honey (optional)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp vanilla essence
  • 250g quinoa flour
  • 2 scoops protein powder (I use Pulsin Pea Protein)


1. Mix the water and chia seeds in a bowl and set aside until it thickens.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk the coconut oil and honey.

3. While waiting for the chia seed mixture to coagulate, measure in the remaining dry ingredients.

4. At this point, the chia seed mixture should be ready. Add it to the bowl of honey and coconut oil and then fold in the dry ingredients. Whisk it up and gradually add in milk until the batter has your preferred thickness.

5. Grease a pan with an oil or butter of your choosing, I like to use this avocado oil spread.

6. Pour ladlespoons of the batter on your pan until you get through it all (makes about large pancakes 7)

7. Stack up and top up using your favourite toppings! Enjoy 🙂

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Posted on July 10, 2017

Do us bloggers have a blogger complex?

vlog/ youtube

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good Monday! 🙂

I have a new video that I wanted to share with you guys about something I like to call the #BloggerComplex – a term I like to use to describe the mentality and attitudes developed by some* bloggers after having been part of the blogging industry for while i.e sense of self entitlement, inflated ego and so on and so forth!

It’s all a bita fun so I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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*Please see disclaimer in video

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Posted on July 6, 2017

Win!!! Over €50 worth of Neutrogena Skincare products




My go-to makeup remover at the moment is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelee Milk. I first featured it in my April monthly favourites a while back, and I have since then remained loyal to this multi-purpose cleanser.

I like the technology behind it and how it combines the lightness of a gel with the efficacy of a makeup remover milk to give the skin that healthy glow. So today, I’ve decided that one of my lucky readers ought to enjoy the skin benefits of this brand too by running a Neutrogena giveaway worth over €50!

The chosen winner will receive the following:

Hydro Boost water gel €14.99 & Hydro Boost gel-cream €14.99

Hydro Boost Cleanser €7.49 & Micella Water €7.49

Hydro Boost Facial Wipes €5.50

To be in with a chance of winning all of this, you must do the following:

  1. Follow @filomenakaguako on Twitter
  2. Follow @filomenakaguako on Instagram
  3. Subscribe to Filomena Kaguako on Youtube
  4. Like @enhancewhatsyours on Facebook

You can retweet, repost or comment as many times as you like 🙂 Here are the T&C’s:

Terms & Conditions:

You must be a resident of Ireland. If you are under 18, you must consent from your parents to enter this competition as the winner will be required to give me their address in order to have the prize sent out to them. There will be one winner. This person will have 24hours to claim their prize, otherwise another winner will be chosen in their place. Giveaway ends on 20th July.

Best of luck to everyone who decides to partake in this giveaway, may the odds be in your favour 🙂

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Posted on July 1, 2017

Sex On The Green

Sexuality/ youtube


I’ve been sitting on this video for about two weeks at this stage. Hemming and hawing about whether or not to go live with it. But today, I’ve finally found the courage to show you guys my latest project. This is something I’ve been meaning to launch for quite a while now and I realised if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it so here it is…..

Sex On The Green is a new five part series that I’ll be launching on my YouTube channel in mid-July. The series revolves around me questioning people on St. Stephen’s Green about different taboos related to sex and dating. The conflicting viewpoints people have when it comes to sex and dating have always intrigued me. This interest grew particularly strong during my year of celibacy, when I received a surprising amount of negativity for choosing to abstain from sex for twelve months.

My growing fascination with societal attitudes towards dating paired with my desire to break the stigmas attached to people’s sexual choices led to the birth of Sex On The Green and I hope that in opening up a healthy discourse about the things we often talk about in a shameful way, it will help break the stigmas attached to people’s sexuality.

I had so much fun filming this video, so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it! 🙂 A massive thank you to Kassi from for helping me with the videography! All feedback is welcomed x

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Disclaimer: I am not a sex blogger, nor am I a journalist. This is a project that I am really excited to be working on for my YouTube channel. It is a small fragment of the content I currently have up on my YouTube channel & blog, it doesn’t define my work as a whole. 

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