Posted on April 12, 2015

10 signs you’ve been friend zoned



You may associate the word ‘friend zone’ with men who get repeatedly rejected by women who are out of their league. Or more precisely, that poor fella who wants more than a platonic relationship with his bestie but because she’s never given him the green light, he keeps his mouth shut – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

While the friend zone is most commonly a place where men are left to rot in, there are also times when women find themselves in that same dreaded situation – that’s right, women get friend zoned too!

Luckily for me, I have yet to experience it myself (never say never). But sadly, I have witnessed one or two gals being friend zoned and are somehow blind to it.

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If you keep using his ‘shyness’ as an excuse for not making a move on you, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the situation. Here are 10 telltale signs that you’re in the friend zone.

1. When he asks you to chill, you actually chill

You watch a film from start to finish, you’re under the same blanket but never cuddle, he burps in your face and isn’t shy about it – you get the picture. If you never miss a single scene when watching a film together, then that is undeniable proof that you’re in the friend zone – sorry to break it to you.

2. He calls you bro

You could wear all the dresses in the world if you wanted to, but once he calls you ‘bro’ (and feels comfortable about it too) you are deep in the friend zone and you won’t be swimming in the shallow end anytime soon!  He clearly sees you as one of his male friends – nothing more, nothing less.

3. He tells you about the women he pulls 

Every time he shacks up with someone new, you’re one of the first people to hear about it. He has no problem telling you about his hot dates, problematic relationships or steamy one night stands. In his mind, you are there to listen.

4. He tells you that any man would be lucky to have you 

this could be us friend zone

5. He introduces you to people as his sister

When you meet his new friends, he often throws in the word ‘sister’ as a little reminder of where you two stand – not purposely, of course. He just loves you SO much, you’re like a sister to him. It has gotten so bad that you’re even starting to wonder whether or not people actually know you by name.

6. He doesn’t notice when you’re dressed to the nines

When he first saw you in a bikini he didn’t bat an eye lid and when you’re all dolled up for your night out, he doesn’t even flinch. At this stage, you feel you could walk by him half naked and he wouldn’t even notice! Friend zone level? deep!

7. He continually tells you to get with one of his boys

He keeps telling you what a cute couple you and John would make. Meanwhile, you are thinking about what a cute couple you and him would make.


8. He never ever flirts

If he flirts with every woman that walks into the room except you, then that my dear is what you call the extreme level of friend zone. Can you even remember the last time he paid you a compliment? I thought as much.

9. He pats you on the head

When you see him interacting with other girls, you see him poking them, tickling them and having a laugh. Not to mention, they always get a kiss on the cheek before they part ways. Other women get a kiss on the cheek, but you get a pat on the head – friend zone at its finest.

10. He often makes you his sidekick

If you can’t remember the last time his wingman was actually a MAN, then most likely you are in the friend zone for the long run. You might as well get yourself new runners, some baggy pants and get used to him calling you ‘dude.’ If that doesn’t suit, then remove yourself from the situation and go find yourself a new distraction. Oh yea, and chin up!

Until next time 🙂

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