Posted on October 19, 2015

The Body Shop: African Ximenia Scrub

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african ximenia scrub

Summer might be well over, but that doesn’t mean we should stop pampering ourselves. If you know me at all, then you would know that I enjoy a relaxing bath: I play some soft music in the background, light up a few scented candles and just enjoy the moment.

I used to think I had everything I needed to loosen up and enjoy some ‘me’ time. Then, I was introduced to a product which to some extent, made me question whether I’ve been doing it wrong all along:  The African Ximenia Scrub.

african ximenia 1

This product is from The Body Shop’s Spa Of The World collection which launched back in August. The range itself features pampering-session products such as body oils and clays, which were created using naturally sourced ingredients from around the globe.

As the name suggests, the African Ximenia Scrub, was developed using handpicked ximenia fruit seeds from the ‘Tree of Life’ in Namibia.  These seeds create a rich oil, which in this case, helps your skin feel softer and smoother after exfoliation.

african ximenia 2

What I particularly liked about this scrub is the texture of it. It has a luxurious velvety texture that feels soft and silky on the skin. A lot of body scrubs that I have tried in that past were pretty rough on the skin and this can be quite irritating at times. The African Ximenia Scrub does the exact opposite.

Although this scrub is gentle on the skin, it still does an amazing job at removing dead skin cells and making your body feel lovely and sleek. The scent of the African Ximenia Scrub has a lingering effect on the skin, even after drying up. In my books, this is always a bonus because in some subconscious way, it helps keeps you in relaxation mode! 🙂

african ximenia 3

This scrub is part of The Body Shop’s 5-step relaxing ritual and is available to purchase online or in The Body Shop at €30.50(320ml). Thanks again to the Revolve girls for sending this out to me!

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