Posted on March 5, 2015

What not to do after a breakup


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After a breakup, you may feel a combination of many emotions: disappointment, heartbreak and sometimes even regret. The aftermath of a long or shortterm relationship is never pretty, and in cases where a few bottles of wine are involved, it can get a bit messy – I know this, all too well!

While blaring ‘I Will Survive’ in your room every morning and although making a cow out of yourself at a drunken karaoke session are both very much acceptable – in my books anyways, there are just some things that you should never ever doing after a bad breakup.

If the word pride means anything to you, then you will not and you must not do any of the following things:

Contact his family members

Just because his mother adored you, it doesn’t give you a reason to start ringing her and checking up to see how she is doing or asking her how things have been. You didn’t ring her when you thought she was going to be your mother in-law so why the sudden interest in ‘her’ life now? Cut the crap, we all who you’re really asking about!

Create a page for stalking

When your ex gets a friend request from someone who recently joined Facebook just days after the breakup, they might just get a bit suspicious. Let’s face it; most people have had their Facebook accounts longer than they can remember, so spare yourself the embarrassment of setting up a Facebook account for stalking purposes. Remember your pride!

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Listen to depressing music for too long

Yes, we all love Adele, and yes, we are all clearly aware of what listening to Ed Sheeran does. But whatever you do, don’t dwell on the pain for too long, otherwise you will just be stuck and unable to get out of that mind frame. They say crying is good for the soul, so do allow yourself to shed a few tears, but don’t let it drag on for longer than it should! #StayStrong

Go on a Facebook rant

I know we live in a digital age, and social media plays a big part in most of our lives. But can we just leave Facebook out of it? We are preserving our pride, taking the high road and all that jazz. Pick up kick boxing if you must, apparently it’s a good way to let off steam. Just don’t put your business out there for Facebook to see.

Carry yourself like a hobo

We all have a hoody reserved for those ‘I’ll never get over it,’ moments. It allows us to sulk and feel sorry for ourselves in the comfort of our own homes – or in the home of a good friend. But, you know what they say: looking good is feeling good. Putting on your heels and getting a bit dolled up makes all the difference in the world. Try it out, you might surprise yourself!

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Feed your emotions

After a breakup, men usually hit the gym and women usually turn to food for comfort. But while you’re eating away and getting bigger, he is lifting weights and getting fitter.  I’m not saying you should start bodybuilding or anything, but instead of feeding your emotions, take up a fun class like Steps or Zumba. Not only will it help your mental state, it will also help you physically!

Befriend his ex

Purposely befriending someone who used to go out with the person you once were –and probably still are – crazy about, is simply a recipe for disaster! Man bash all you like, but do to it with a trusted friend and not the psycho ex – unless of course, you want to graduate to that title? I didn’t think so.

Jump into bed with a stranger….. or a friend

You feel like crap, and a bit of male attention would be nice right about now. But whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do NOT jump into bed with a complete stranger – or any of your male friends for that matter. Kissing is fine. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of lip locking every now and again. So long as you don’t do it with a friend as you will only regret it (not that I know anything about doing things that you shouldn’t be with your friends…. but I’d imagine that’s how one would feel, right?)

The point is, there are just some things you shouldn’t do after a breakup, and these 8 are some of them! Hope you all have a fab day xxx

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