Posted on January 29, 2014

Úr Makeup sponge and mascara wands

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The lovely Nichola Graham, from Ur Makeup was very kind to send me a few samples of her re-usable mascara wands as well as a cute makeup sponge (it’s near enough to the beauty blender sponge if I say so myself).

Being a fan of big eyes, I couldn’t wait to use the mascara wands, especially since I had so many to choose from….

ur make up

As you can see,  all the wands take on a different shape. Of the seven sent to me, I quite liked the  sphere-shaped ones (2 and 3). Because of the round shape, these wands makes for easy application around the corner of your lashes – perfect way to get the inner part of your eye to stand out.

The wand with the curve was another one of my favorites (number 1), simply because I adore anything that gives my lashes an extra curl.

Ur makeup

To be honest, I can be very picky about how I apply my foundation, so when I saw this sponge, I wasn’t quite sure about how things would play out….

To my surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be . It’s all about nailing the technique!

Here’s how to use it:

  • Soak the sponge into  warm water. This is to ensure that the foundation doesn’t absorb into it and that you get the most out of your foundation.
  • Ring it out so the sponge is damp and not soaked.
  • Dip into foundation and apply on your face.
  • When using this, avoid applying your makeup in strokes. Instead, slightly pat it on your face until you have the coverage you’re looking for.

What I liked:

Unlike foundation brushes, the Ur makeup sponge doesn’t leave any strokes on your face
It leaves you with a clean and natural finish
I love how the pointy part can be used for those hard-to-reach areas
There’s a place specially designed for your fingers so you can get a good grip

The best part about these products is they’re Irish made and easily available! Check out the Facebook page here if you want to get your hands on either of these bad boys.

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