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Posted on November 13, 2015

Feel So Good with The Body Shop’s Seasonal Range

product review

frosted plum

As you’ve probably guessed at this stage, I’m a complete junkie when it comes to The Body Shop. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m a big lover of taking soothing baths and I’m absolutely drawn to everything and anything that entices my sense of smell – the one thing The Body Shop never fails at!

So when I got the opportunity to attend The Body Shop’s Feel So Good Christmas event and take some products home with me, my anticipation to relax in my tub went sky high. If you’re big into your baths then you would understand the difficulty I had in containing my excitement. The Body Shop’s NEW seasonal range includes body butters, bath frizzers, scented candles and more!

frosted plum range

The Frosted Plum range has just about everything you need to turn your Christmas into a magical one. With notes of ripe plum, magnolia and peony, this special collection is for those who want an indulgent and fruitful bath experience. Of the products I tried and tested, these are by far my top three faves:

Frosted Plum Shimmer Lotion 250ml, £8.00

frosted plum shimmer lotion

This lightweight shimmer lotion leaves a lovely sparkle on the skin after application. I used it almost immediately when I got home from the event! Due to my dark skin tone, I found that a little bit really does go a long way with this product. I recommend using this shimmer lotion on the legs before a festive night out. The sparkle will highlight your legs, which will really elongate them – hello VS model legs!

Frosted Plum Shimmer Mist, 100ml, £8.50

shimmer mist

Love, Love, LOVE!!! This globe shaped shimmer mist has a very unique fruity and floral scent. It leaves a subtle sparkle on the skin, which means you can use it during the day without looking too shimmery. It lightly fragrances the skin and leaves your body with a fresh feeling – you can’t go wrong!

Frosted Plum Candle, £10.00

plum candle

The cherry on top of any luxurious bath is a scented candle. Like the rest of the Frosted Plum range, the Frosted Plum candle has a fruity fragrance with notes of ripe plum, magnolia and peony. It really adds to the pamper experience because the aroma of the candle just fills the room up – talk about getting the full package!

These three guys are my absolute faves in this collection and I’m dying to try the Frosted Plum Lip Balm – what doesn’t thing collection have, right!?

frosted plum range


If you’ve tried any of the products from the NEW Frosted Plum range do let me know, so we can share our pampering experiences! If not, then get shopping ladies! I think it helps to add that The Body Shop has teamed up with Water Aid to help provide families in Ethiopia with drinkable water. With every specially selected gift bought this Christmas, a family in East Africa gets access to safe drinking water.

Have you done your good deed for the day? 🙂

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Posted on December 27, 2013

How to use coconut oil in your beauty routine

Natural beauty

how to use coconut oil in your beauty routine

I’ve recently incorporated coconut oil into my beauty routine as a way to grow my hair. A few weeks back, I popped into Holland & Barretts in a quest to find a natural hair treatment that I could use on a daily basis, and of course – like olive oil– I quickly discovered that coconut oil is yet another beauty multi-tasker.

It’s one of the very few oils that can be fully absorbed in the hair shaft, rather than just sitting on it’s surface. Besides applying this oil to the roots of your hair, here are five other ways you can use it as a beauty product.

Shaving cream: Coconut oil is a great shaving cream substitute,especially for those with sensitive skin. Since it’s a natural oil, it’s a good option for people that might have an allergic reaction to normal shaving creams – unless of course they’re allergic to coconuts! Other than that, it also gives a smooth base for your razor, leaving you with glamorous supermodel legs.

Body moisturiser: For a nice glowing finish, use a bit of coconut oil on your body right after the shower. It will give your body a silky sheen before a big date or a regular night out.

coconut oil in beauty

Makeup remover: Another gentle way to remove makeup, just apply a bit of coconut oil to the eye area and use a cotton pad to remove it. You’ll be very surprised by the results and to put the cherry on top, it will hydrate the skin around your eyes the more its hydrated the more you avoid getting crows feet!

Hair mask: If your hair is particularly coarse then you will definitely feel a difference after this mask. Warm a chunk of coconut oil between your hands and massage thoroughly through hair. Once evenly distributed, wrap hair for 30 minutes and rinse out before following your normal shampoo and conditioner routine. (Some people like to leave it over night, but I’m pretty sure your hair will stop absorbing  the coconut oil well before you wake up….)

Body scrub: Why buy a body scrub (or any scrub for that matter), if you can make one at home? Just mix a bit of sugar with coconut oil and scrub scrub scrub! Since coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, it makes for a good foot scrub as well.

If you’re not sure about investing into a tub of coconut oil right away,you could probably get a small bottle of the liquid in a pharmacy (It certainly isn’t as off putting as the jar of lard that I have!) All jokes aside, this natural oil is definitely worth trying, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed shaving so much!

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