Posted on December 10, 2013

Product review: Nimue rejuvenating mask and lip cream

product review

Nimue products

Hope you’re all well, I decided to give you a quick lunch time read on two Nimue products I received in a goodie bag a while back. At this stage, I think I’ve used the mask enough times to have an opinion on it (and the lip cream is completely gone, I have nothing left at all!)

So first things first, what does the face mask claim to do?

The Nimue rejuvenating mask supposedly

Eliminates the damaging effects of free radicals to produce a brighter, smoother, radiant and clearer complexion

it also claims to

Reduce the signs of premature skin ageing


Has a hydrating benefit

Honestly, It would be great if the the instructions on the pack came with a time frame as well (it would give us something to hold on to), as I’m not sure I’m getting all the benefits from this product. That could be because I found it very blotchy and hard to remove, (once there’s a struggle to remove a mask it goes into the bad books!)

face mask


–  Blotchy and hard to remove

–  Requires you to use a lot of product

– Not easy to find (only available in selected beauty stores)

– No prices available online

-It doesn’t actually harden on the face (not a bad thing for everyone, but when a mask is clay-based, I expect it to feel like cement after 10 minutes)

Pros: I love the scent!!

Verdit: Pretty obvious here isn’t it? Think I’d give this mask a pass…..

On a brighter note, the Nimue lip cream is something I brought with me everywhere (no wonder it didn’t last me very long!)

lip cream


– The lip cream is so glossy it would pass for a lip gloss

– It smells amazing

– Extremely moisturizng

– Looks like lipstick  (too cute)

– Has an SPF 20


–  5g didn’t last me very long

–  Difficult to find (again)

– Have to contact Nimue Skin Technology Ireland to find a stockist

All in all, I must say, I preferred the lip cream over the face mask, it glides right on and looks like a lip gloss. It I love how it contains an SPF of 20 (always a bonus)

It’s just a shame I can’t get it just anywhere close by, in this case, I think Carmex lip balm will have to do!

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