Posted on April 16, 2015

3 Green smoothie recipes

green smoothies
I’ve been asked on several occasions to to do a few smoothie recipes on my blog. If you follow me of Facebook or Twitter, you would know that I am big into making smoothies (they’re just so refreshing!)
Lately, I’ve been trying to add some  vegetables into my recipes and after a series of trial and error, the three smoothies that made it to the finish line are…..
3. Banana and avocado smoothie
Since bananas are naturally sweet, this smoothie doesn’t need an additional sweetener!
If you really have a sweet tooth, you can add some honey (nobody’s judging you…)


green smoothie
2. Avocado and spinach smoothie
This green smoothie makes for a great post-workout snack! Since it has spinach, it helps increase muscle growth – Popeye had it right all along!
green smoothie
1.Spinach and apple smoothie
I particularly like this one because even after 48 hours in the fridge, it still tastes amazing! You can make it at night, bottle it up and have it for breakfast! (for two consecutive days if you’d like)
green smoothie
I’m still experimenting with kale and a few other vegetables, but for the moment, I’m liking these three! Let me know if you decide to try any of them!

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