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Posted on September 22, 2015

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson AW15 Collection

product review

sosu new collection

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you would know that I was recently sent a few nail varnishes from the latest SOSU gel polish range.I couldn’t wait to try them out because a lot of the colours from the new Autumn/Winter Collection are warm, bold, glistening and everything in between!

I was lucky to test She Means Business, Death by Chocolate, as well as a quick dry top coat. I must say, I fell in love with She Means Business. I know that by looking at the pics, both colours look quite similar. But I found that She Means Business has more of a warm magenta tone to it, which was what did it for me! She Means Business is feminine, but not too girly. It is the type of colour for a gal who knows what she wants, hence the name!

sosu by suzanne jackson she means business

She Means Business

Death by Chocolate is more of a plum colour. Again, another colour I found to be much very suited to my skin tone. I quite liked both of these (maybe She Means Business a little bit more), but both shades, as similar as they might seem, are still very unique.

death by chocolate sosu

Death by Chocolate

Now let’s talk about durability….how long before your nails stop looking so pretty?

Well, I did a little experiment when I first tried these polishes. But here’s a back story first: I am an absolute devil when it comes to top coats. I usually just apply a layer of nail varnish and carry on with my life – I know, and I’m supposed to be a beauty blogger, right?  Shame on me!

So now that you know the truth, here’s how I tested these guys out. I used a top coat on one hand and no top coat on the other (the shame!). By doing this, I found that applying a top coat is actually essential for durability of the nail varnish as well as giving your nails that gelish finish.

sosu polishes

Mother & Daughter using SOSU gel polishes

The polish that didn’t have a top coat started to chip after about three days, while the others lasted for about five. So a top coat is definitely a must, and if you want to be OCD about it then I guess a base coat is important too – such perfectionists you guys are! 🙂

Here are a few other colours from the new SOSU AW15 range. I’ve been eyeing the blue one actually, I think it’s another one that would look lovely on my skin tone:

so su autumn

If you’re wondering where to find the new SOSU Autumn/Winter collection colours, you can find them in pharmacies nationwide, Penneys and online at for €7.99.

Suzanne’s top tips for applying SOSU gel polish:

Make sure the nails are shaped, filed and buffed before applying any polish. Then apply one thin layer of SOSU base coat, two thin layers of a SOSU colour of your choice followed by a thin layer of SOSU top coat, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next! The formulations in the SOSU base and top coat helps to protect the nails and also forms the gel-like, non chip finish which means the polish can last for up to 4-7 days before having to reapply.

Have you guys used any of the gel polishes from the new SOSU AW15 Collection? If so, would love to hear what you think!

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Posted on October 31, 2013

SoSueMe book launch


sosueme book launch

This time last week, and a few other bloggers made their way to The Morgans Hotel to celebrate the launch of the fabulous Suzanne Jackson’s book launch for

When I say our night at the book launch exceeded my expectations that is no word of a lie…from free photo booth services (of which myself and the girls took full advantage of) to free wine, I can’t even begin to start discussing what the highlight of my night was (other than meeting the gorgeous Suzanne Jackson for the first time)

sosueme book launch

Unfortunately I didn’t taste the beautiful cupcakes (it was far too soon to be ruining my lipstick) but you can only imagine what they must have been like since I do enjoy occasional cupcake….. (the operative word here being occasional)

Now back to the book launch…. we had the chance to have our photographs taken by the one and only Jerry McCarthy (who’s pictures I snatched for this post) how lucky we were to have him taking shots of us all night…

Now for the most important part of the night…

sosueme book lauch xx

I must say I was slightly star struck when I met Suzanne Jackson at the book launch she looked absolutely stunning! (A lot better than her pictures!) I really couldn’t believe it, and for her to call me gorgeous was just something else, they are definitely words that will stay with me till my death bed…. (no joke)

We each got a one to one with Suzanne and she even left me a lovely message in the SoSueMe book  (20 euro on the night)

sosueme book launch

(Myself and fashion blogger at zee-railed make sure you check her out!)

 I’ve been reading a bit of her book every night since I got it I genuinely feel like like she’s  a kind-hearted  and very driven person who is  full of encouragement. No wonder she is as successful as she is now…

Have you started reading the book? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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sosueme book launch

Bloggers pictured: Zita from zee-railed, Marlene from everythingcocochanel and Nirina from Killer-fashion make sure you check them out!! xx

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