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Posted on October 2, 2014

How to get rid of yellow nails

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I recently had an awful experience with a nail polish I bought in MAC. I hadn’t tried any of their nail varnishes before so I thought I’d start off with a gorgeous shade called Saint-Germain (which to my surprise, I now regret).

Although it did look quite lovely on, I must admit that the after math of using this nail varnish wasn’t very good. It left my nails discoloured and unhealthy looking – much worse than a smoker’s nails.

You and I both know that there’s nothing cute about having yellow nails, and if you’re someone who likes to take the natural route when it comes to nails, then this can sometimes be a source of embarrassment.

Here are some of the things that have helped me get rid of that awful curry-stained look that is a result of using nail varnishes that are highly toxic, or in this case, using Saint-Germain by MAC.

saint germain

Lemon bath
Quite possibly my favourite bleaching agent – it works like magic! Just fill a bowl with some fresh lemon juice and then soak your stained nails in it for about 12 minutes. Use an old toothbrush to gentry scrub over them for a few minutes and then rise your hands with warm water. Do this twice a week until you’re happy with the results!

Whitening toothpaste
The same way you can use toothpaste to get pearly whites, you can also use it to scrub the discolouration off your nails! Put a thin coat of whitening toothpaste on your nails and after 10 minutes use a soft toothbrush to scrub it off. Soak some cotton wool into warm water and then use it to wash off the rest of the paste from your nails. Do this 2-3 times a week.

Light buffing
I find this method quite relaxing to be honest and it doesn’t take as much time as the first two options. However, buffing your nails too regularly can lead to weakened nails so it’s a good idea not to buff them every day or to use a nail hardener on a weekly basis. Do this once every 2 weeks along with one of the other options above!

If you have any other solutions to getting rid of yellow nails, feel free to let me know. Other than that, learn from my mistake and remember to use a base coat!

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Posted on April 10, 2014

Mavala Nail Hardener & Nuritive nail Cream

product review

mavala hardener

I planned to do a review on these products much earlier. But, I also wanted to see whether or not Mavala Nail Hardener & Nuritive nail Cream were really the reason behind my nails growing so healthy and so strong.

I can finally say that both of these products have influenced the length and strength of my nail (in a positive way that is) and I’m very thankful that Deborah from puprepr sent these products to me.

I started using both the nail hardener and the nutritive cream about 6 months ago. I’ve used the nail hardener before that so I knew what to expect from it. The nutritive nail cream on the other hand was completely new to me so I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the start. It comes in a 15mlcontainer and you have to apply the cream on your cubicles every day. After getting into the habit of using it, I found that it added moisture to my dry and brittle nails so which helped them grow in a healthy way.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who had a bad word to say about the Mavala Nail Hardener. Unlike other nail hardeners, it isn’t a polish that stays on the surface of your nails. Instead, it penetrates right into your nails so all it’s liquid goods are absorbed. I’m guessing the chemicals in them are pretty strong since you only have to apply it once a week. But, it smells amazing and lasts for ages!

mavala nuritive nail cream

If you’re someone who doesn’t have good growth in their nails then you should give either one of these products a try. Of course you will get better results if you use them at the same time, but it’s up to you really to get the one you think you need.

This is how much my nails grew when I used to use the nail hardener on it’s own. So my aim is to get them back to this length! I’d say I need a few more moths,but I’ll get there eventually!(the trick is to file the sides of your nails three times a week  to prevent them from chipping).

Warning: Don’t over do it with the Mavala nail hardener because if you use if more than you should, it might turn your nails yellow (I had to learn the hard way!) 

nails before nails after

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