Posted on February 27, 2014

5 natural ways to whiten teeth

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Apparently, one of the first thing people notice about me is my teeth – I know, weird! who notices teeth right?

Those were my initial thoughts, but then I though about it. They have good reason to notice my teeth because in fairness I do a lot to maintain the whiteness.

As much as I love coffee I don’t drink it because I’m afraid it will stain my teeth, I don’t drink fizzy drinks because I don’t like the feeling it leaves on my teeth and I don’t smoke…. well you know where this is going!

So for those of you who are looking to get pearly whites yourself, then you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get your teeth whitened. If you want, you can use natural methods to whiten your teeth at home:

Baking soda and lemon

Before you brush your teeth, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of lemon until you have a paste. Brush your teeth with the paste for a minute and then spit it out. Don’t leave this in your mouth for too long because the baking powder is quite abrasive.

Oil pull

Put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around your mouth for a couple of minutes. This will get rid of all the bad bacteria in your mouth and leave your teeth feeling fresh and shiny.

Banana peel

Use the inside of a ripe banana peel and rub it on your teeth for no more than two minutes. The potassium and magnesium from the banana will absorb into your teeth and whiten them.


Mash a few strawberries to make a paste and leave it on your teeth for no more than two minutes. Rinse out your mouth with clean water and then floss out any seeds between your teeth. The malic acid in the strawberries help get rid of any surface discoloration on your teeth.


Dip a damp toothbrush into powdered charcoal and brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Spit it out and then rise your mouth thoroughly. Charcoal helps get ride of bacteria that cause cavities so if you do this a couple of times a week you won’t have to go to the dentist as soon as you thought!

At the moment I’m using the first method. I only do it three times a week, but if you’re new to whitening your teeth at home then you can start off by doing it every second day. I love strawberries far too much to try that out and the idea of putting charcoal on my teeth is a bit scary! Let me know if you have any favorite methods yourself 🙂

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