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Posted on September 14, 2013

Rihanna’s RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection 2013



I figured Bellefbeauty might as well give her piece on Rihanna’s RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection 2013 since there’s only a few weeks left before we can all get our hands on this highly talked about makeup line. Well that’s of course if we start queuing up now…..

After the launch and success of RIRI Hearts MAC Summer 2013 Collection, the singer/designer (don’t know what to call these artists lately!)  decided to step up her game and launch an even bigger line that is due to release in US stores on Sept 26th and between Oct 3rd – 31st everywhere else (that’s if it will stay on the shelves for that long!)

So what’s there to like about Rihanna’s RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection?

For starters, if you missed out on the Matte red Riri Woo the first time around, consider yourself lucky because not only will it be back in the fall collection as a gorgeous lippie, Riri Woo will also be in a lip pencil AND  a lipglass! (doesn’t it feel like Christmas?)

As well as those fabulous shades of red, Rihanna’s RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection will also include three other fabulous lipsticks: Talk that Talk [Dark Plum (Retro Matte)], Who’s That Chick [Mid-tone Orange (Frost)] and Nude [Cool Nude Cream (Matte)] as pictured below.

riri mac fall collection

As you know, Bellefbeauty is very welcoming to new lippies. I love my matte lipsticks  (as well as my nudes) so the lipsticks from Rihanna’s RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection are definitely the products that I think are worth lining up for! As for everything else?

I think I’m doing just fine with my LASH DOMINATION mascara from BareMinerals, not to mention my eye shadow palette from Fuschia and I’m really not feeling the gold/pink packaging either! I probably would if you told me this was from Nicki Minaj’s makeup line, but Rihanna and pink just don’t go! (Green would have suited her a lot better I’d say!)

What do you all think of Rihanna’s RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection for this mega beauty brand? Are we excited or is it just another few products by MAC?

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Here is the COMPLETE RIRI Hearts MAC Fall Collection 2013 for your viewing pleasure……

rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013 rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013 rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013 rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013                             rihanna-hearts-mac-fall-2013

riri mac fall collectionIf you want prices on each of these,

find out here

Posted on August 26, 2013

Maybelline GREAT LASH vs BareMinerals LASH DOMINATION

Beauty/ product review


If you read my first post on mascara (or eye lash growth for that matter), you would know that I’m big into thick and long eye lashes. So When I popped into BareMinerals to pick up a free sample of their LASH DOMINATION mascara I was chuffed, even though I had bought Maybelline mascara a few weeks beforehand!

I guess you can never had enough mascara in your makeup bag


I must admit, it was good thing I did pick up a sample of BareMinerals LASH DOMINATION,because if I hadn’t, I would be left with not so lengthening mascara.

Maybeline’s GREAT LASH mascara claims to have a precise lash building brush, but I honestly think that it really doesn’t give the same effect as the ”PROTWIST” 180 wand on LASH DOMINATION.

After only two coats of BareMinerals LASH DOMINATION I managed to get the desired effect.

   Bare Minerals LASH DOMINATIONAs you can see, BareMinerals LASH DOMINATION really    does add a lot of volume and colors to my eye lash here.    With only two coats, they looked fuller, darker and            longer and at only 20e, BareMineral LASH DOMINATION    offers a 10-in-1 lash benefits:

    1. Volume              6. Length

    2. Thickness        7.Mineral fortified

    3. Seperation           8. Smudge- free

    4. Lifts                       9. Clump-free

    5. All-day wear       10. Flake- free

maybelline great lash

Maybeline’s GREAT LASH on the other hand, does not  offer the same benefits!

In fact it doesn’t offer half of what LASH DOMINATION offers. I’m happy that I got a 30% discount on the day so it only came up to about  7 euros, but other than that this mascara only works for a daytime look, it just isn’t dramatic enough!

It’s not negative now, it does a great job at separating the lashes and making them look nice and healthy, but in terms of volume and thickness? This mascara was a miss for me!

Have you tried any of these two mascaras? If so feel free to share your thoughts below!

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