Posted on February 1, 2018

My top 10 most-watched YouTube videos


With today being both #TBT and the first of February, I’ve decided to compile a list of my most popular YouTube videos to date. Since my YouTube channel is still relatively new, I always experience a feeling of accomplishment whenever people like, comment or subscribe to my channel – see what I just did there!?

I have clearly adapted the universal language of all YouTubers at this stage, so much so that one may even go so far to call me a YouTuber.  However, I still struggle to classify myself as a YouYuber since creating video content is still secondary to me.

As much as I enjoy making videos, writing will always be a priority. I make YouTube videos whenever I get the chance and I try not to pressure myself into creating one when I can’t. So with that said, here are my top ten most-watched YouTube videos to date 🙂

10. #Storytime: having sex with a lace wig

9. First date jitters

8. Single at 27

7. Get to know me!

6. My most embarrassing first date moment

5. I don’t hate Irish men (RESPONSE VIDEO)

4. One month on Herbalife

3. Why I’m single

2. 5 types of racist trolls the black Irish meet online

1. 5 things Irish guys should never say to a black girl on Tinder

I hope you get the chance to browse my channel, and if you like my content then don’t forget to subscribe! :*

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