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Posted on March 6, 2015

Must-have beauty tools for the skincare obsessive

Beauty/ Skincare


This year, I’ve decided to revolutionise my beauty regime. I know, I know, it’s a big step for me – especially since I’m so used my own ways of doing things! But I guess there’s no harm in trying new things, and besides, “new year, new me,” right?

To kick things off, I’ve gotten myself a deep cleansing brush. ‘Waste of money,’ I hear some of you say, but it’s actually been doing a pretty good job considering how much (or how little) I ended up paying for it!

So for this post, I’ll be going through some of the beauty tools I’ve already started using as well as the ones I’m in the process of ordering. I will be getting most – if not all – of these products:

Konjac sponge

konjac sponge

Konjac sponges are all the rage in Japan! They’re made from vegetable fibers and mineral rich extracts. The one thing that really caught my eye about these guys is that you can get them in different colours to target different skin types. For instance, the black sponge gets it’s colour from bamboo charcoal and it’s great for oily skin or for those who are prone to breakouts, while the red sponge is your ticket if you have dry and sensitive skin! You can also get it in green, pink or the original white konjac sponge with no colour. They help you can cleanse, exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin. Since the konjac plant is 100% alkaline, using it on the face helps balance the PH level of the skin. The one thing that’s important to note about these bad boys is that they have a shelf life. Since konjac sponges aren’t  made from synthetic fibers, you’d probably have to bin it every 4 – 5 weeks, depending on how often you use it!

PRICE:£6.99 – £11, Amazon

Comedone extractor (blackhead extractor)

comedone extractore for blackheads

This metal tool is used to unclog blocked pores.You can get ones that have a single loop on one end as well as the ones that have a loop on either end to accommodate for bigger pores. Usually, licensed estheticians and dermatologist use this tool. But in this day and age, it is available for the general public to buy either online or in their local pharmacy. When you’re using one of these guys, you have to be very careful about how much pressure you apply; too little and it won’t work, but too much and you could be left with scarring! The best way to do it with minimal scarring is to follow these two steps:

  1. Disinfect the blackhead extractor with rubbing alcohol and then warm your skin with a cloth or a steamer to open up the pores.
  2. Gently press down on the blackhead with the tool and if the blackhead doesn’t come out, leave it alone and try again another time!

PRICE: £2.99 – £10.99, Amazon

Deep facial cleansing brush

3d cleansing brush

A lot people think it’s enough to use their finger tips, a good cleanser and a few splashes of water to clean their face. However, it doesn’t always do the job properly, especially after spending the day wearing a full face of makeup! A deep cleansing brush gets right into your pores to get rid of all the dirt and oil your skin builds up during the day. It gives the skin an extra glow – not to mention that squeaky clean feeling! There are so many available in the market today so you really do have a lot to choose from. The one I recently bought is called the ELISHACOY 3D spin cleaner. It is a battery operated machine that comes with two different speeds. What I liked the most about it is the fact that it comes with two different brushes; a normal one for the entire face and blackhead brush for targeted areas.

PRICE: $43.08, Wishtrend

Face steamer

facial steamer

Face steamers have been out for quite some time now, but it seems as though they are being forgotten about with all the other revolutionary systems that are coming out. It’s quite unfortunate because facial steaming does absolute wonders to the skin’s complexion. It stimulates blood circulation, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the skin, giving it a rosier and more youthful glow. Although it has it’s many benefits, it’s important to limit it to only one steam a week – just like exfoliating, you don’t want to over do it, otherwise it will have a negative effect on your skin.

PRICE: £15.99 – £60+ on Amazon 

Derma roller

derma roller

This guy looks a bit scarier than the other products, and at first glance, you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s a beauty tool at all. However, this micro needle roller is a salon-level skin treatment that can be used at home for skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks and acne. It works by creating miniature punctures in the skin and pushing the pores open for a while. The body then releases growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen, the stuff that keeps your skin looking fresh and plump. You can get different sized needles to target different problems, but if you are just starting off, it’s always better to go for the smallest needle!

PRICE: £6.00 – £20+ on Amazon

Hope you found this post useful! First triers, please note: if you have any severe skin conditions, be sure to consult your doctor before trying any of these tools at home! Good luck! 🙂

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Posted on July 15, 2013

Guilty pleasure #2: Smoking

Appearance/ Guilty Pleasures

affects smoking appearance beauty health maintenance skin types skincare

I know this probably isn’t the best visual image against smoking, but like my first guilty pleasure post , I don’t intend to force any of my opinions on you, if anything, I just want you to become consciously aware of the affects it has on your appearance. Although you might think you’ve heard it all before, skin cancer, lung disease and so on and so fourth, I have one that might just surprise you!

Now I won’t say I’ve never tried smoking, because that would be a complete lie! Of course I’ve tried it once or twice, I think I might have even been hooked at some stage (I’ll say as much as that!) but with that awful smell that it kept leaving on my clothes, fingers and even my hair, it was enough for me to know that it wasn’t for me (not to mention the fear of being interrogated by the aul ones)
Now if I hadn’t chosen the route that I had at such an early age I would suffer from the following things (as if acne prone skin isn’t bad enough)
1. Good morning wrinkles!
According to experts, smoking speeds up the ageing process in a way that would make you look up to 2 years older than you are! So if you get offended when people think you’re a lot older than you are, don’t.
 2. A world of Yellow!
Nicotine causes your teeth to stain leaving you with what appears to be yellow teeth! Never an attractive look, especially if your teeth are one of the first things people see when they look at you.
It also causes your fingers to be yellow, again, not pretty! It might match your teeth but it could make things awkward when you go to shake someones hand!
3. Bye bye hair!
Not that I should worry about this one,with extensions being my best friend and all, but for all you non-extension wearers, experts say that the DNA in hair follicles can be damaged by the toxic chemicals in smoking! End result? Gray, thin and unhealthy looking hair!
4. Baggy eyes
Apparently smokers are 4 times more likely to feel unrested after a night out (don’t put the blame on alcohol! Smoking takes a fair share in this as well) End result?? Tiredness and baggy eyes.
6.Stretch marks!
Told you I might just surprise you! Cellulite is one thing, but imagine having stretch marks as well! Experts say that the nicotine(it’s always the bloody nicotine) damages fibers as well as connective tissue in your skin. This means your skin loses elasticity and begins to stretch. (I guess you haven’t gained weight after all……)
Among many other things these are just a few ways smoking can affect your overall appearance. If you’re interested in knowing more, find out here
If’ you’ve been smoking while reading this (which you probably have been) feel free to share this!

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