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Posted on November 28, 2017

5 healthy snack bars for your inner #FitFam


If there is one thing that keeps me happy when I’m out and about, it’s the reassurance that I have nibbles in my handbag. I know, I know…. I am worse than a toddler – just feed me and I’ll be happy! I either make my own healthy treats at home or settle for the next most convenient thing: store-bought snacks a.ka. the lazy way out.

Now I have no doubt that the words store-bought might make some of you dedicated foodies wince. But worry not, I can assure you that not all store-bought snacks are bad, especially when you go by my logic – the less ingredients, the better!

Without further a do, here are some of the snacks I like to keep at handy 🙂

1. Pulsin & Beond Organic Fruit and Nut Bars*

There’s no way these could not have made it to the top of the list – these truly taste heavenly! They’re made with high quality natural ingredients and are vegan friendly – free from gluten, dairy, soya, refined sugars and non GM.

To top that off, they’re cold pressed to give the most nutritional value.

The first of the three flavours I tried was chocolate; it exceeded my expectations because I am not a chocolate fan (unless it’s white) so I wasn’t expecting much. But the mix with peanut butter was just perfect. My favourite flavour was the raspberry and acai, you can just tell it’s made of natural goodness! The blueberry is also mouth-watering, but it is on the sweeter side of things.

If you want something less sweet, go for the chocolate flavour but if you want a perfect balance then go for raspberry and acai, You can buy these fruit and nut bars online and filter by flavour, diet and size – as they come in bigger packages too 🙂

2. Homemade Protein Balls

Protein balls

Protein balls

There isn’t a single person who has tried these no bake protein balls and not liked them – these bite-sized balls are both easy & fun to make. Of course you can choose a protein powder that fits your dietary requirements. But regardless of what protein powder you use, they will taste amazing once you combine it with the other ingredients!

Find the full recipe here 🙂

3. Cashew Crush Bars

The Foodie Market Cashew Crush Bar

The Foodie Market Cashew Crush Bar

The first time I tried one of these bars, I was completely taken aback by how good it tasted – I just wasn’t expecting it at all. Much like anyone other foodie, I had this skewed perception that a cheap “healthy bar” in Aldi wouldn’t taste so good – or be that healthy.

But after trying Cashew Crush and other products from The Foodie Market range in Aldi, I have to say I’ve been proven wrong. Cashew Crush bars are made entirely from cashews and dates and have no preservatives or added sugar. They are not overly chewy or overly sweet – they are just right!

You can buy them in a five pack in Aldi or sepeartely for 89c each 🙂

4. Sesame and Honey Bars

Sesame and honey bars

Sesame and honey bars

I have had similar bars to this & found them to be a little bit too sweet for my liking, so I took it upon myself to start making my own. These sesame and honey bars actually taste better than a lot of the store-bought stuff I have tried in the past – and this isn’t me bragging!

While I used honey in my recipe, I have no doubt that stevia syrup would work for vegans. Have a look at the full recipe here 🙂

5. Herbalife Protein Bars*

Herbalife Protein Bar Vanilla Almond

Vanilla Almond Herbalife Protein Bar

As tasty as they are, I treat these Herbalife protein bars as more of a healthy “cheat” due to some of the ingredients in them. I have quite a restricted diet in general, but every now and again I do like to indulge and have something that I normally wouldn’t consume. These protein bars allow me to indulge while remaining on the slightly healthier side of things.

It does contain dairy protein and other dairy products so it isn’t suitable to vegans or anyone with intolerance to lactose. However, the dairy ingredients help increase lean muscle body mass and contributes to increased metabolic rate.

Most snacks are supposed to have about 150 calories, but one of these bars have 10 calories less than your average snack – always a plus! You can order these online or from a Herbalife member by getting in touch with one in your local area 🙂

What are your go-to pick me ups? I’d love to know! 🙂

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*Products marked with an asterisk were sent to me for review purposes, however all views remain my own.

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