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Celebrities who suffered from acne

Acne/ Skincare

acne awareness month week  3

My third article for Acne Awareness Month will be about celebrities who suffered from acne. Why? Because when most people think of celebrities, they think of perfect beings with multiple bank accounts, who spend millions on their daily appearance and never have to worry about having a bad day. But in case you haven’t noticed, celebrities are human too. This means, they are subjected to human problems and insecurities just like anybody else.

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who battled with acne:

1. Keira Knightly

keira knightly acne

Keira Knightly is known for many things, but having acne isn’t one of them. This classical beauty once opened up to Australian Vogue about her struggles with acne and how subconscious it can make her feel.

2. Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson acne

Jessica Simpson has had skin issues for many years. She even resorted to using Accutane for a while. Now, Jessica endorses an acne fighting skin care line called Proactiv.

3. Rihanna

rihanna acne

This may surprise some of you, but Queen Riri gets her fair share of breakouts. She often gets them around her cheek area. However, her occasional run-ins with spots doesn’t take away from the fact that she is a stunner.

4. Megan Fox

megan fox acne

Not only does Megan suffer from acne, but she suffers from enlarged pores and scars. This beauty swears by natural products and healthy eating to help keep her skin clear.

5. Katy Perry

katy perry acne

Katy suffered from acne from a very young age and is now a spokesperson for Proactiv and  uses their products religiously.

6. Brad Pitt

bradd acne

This hunk of a man has been left with deep acne scars after battling with the skin issue during his teen years.

7. Alicia Keys

alicia keys acne

Singer/songwriter, Alicia Keys struggled with acne for years after first stepping onto the scene. She is mostly clear now, but during her pregnancies she had a lot of hormonal breakouts.

8. Adam Levine

adam levine acne

Just because he was voted the sexiest man alive by People Magazine, it doesn’t mean he has no flaws. Adam was a sufferer throughout his teen years and is now an avid user of the Proactiv skin care line.

9. Kate Moss

kate moss acne

Yes, models get acne too! Although Kate’s acne wasn’t severe, she still suffered from skin problems. Her dermatologist performed hydrating microdermabrasion on her skin to help keep it clear and plump.

10. Victoria Beckham

victoria beck acne

Back in the day, Victoria’s breakouts were so bad that some even called her the ‘Spotty Spice.’ Today, she uses a three-step cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing to help maintain her clear skin.

See, not everything is perfect in the celebrity world. Anyone can have a skin problem, celebrity or not. We are all humans and nobody is perfect – not even Brad Pitt! 🙂

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