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Posted on November 29, 2014

Christmas gifts for him

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If you still haven’t decided on what to get the men in your life for Christmas then worry not, because I’m here to help! From your forgetful father to your football loving boyfriend, Enhance What’s Yours has pretty much got you covered for this – well, sort of…..

Here are some of my lovely gift suggestions for him:


When it comes to men, you can never go wrong with boxers or aftershave, and since it’s Black Friday Weekend, searching through high end brands to find them doesn’t sound like much of a bad idea. Here are some ideal gifts for that special someone in your life – aren’t the pillows just the cutest thing ever?

ted bakermale boxers

Ted Baker 3 Pack Luton Boxers, PRICE: €45.00, Arnotts

my side your side

My Side Your Side Pillowcase, PRICE: €39.17, Not On The Highstreet


Armani Diamond Rocks Christmas Gift Set, PRICE: €50.00, Arnotts 


As much as we’d love to give our fathers the world, it isn’t very realistic! Here are some gifts that will surely put a smile on daddy’s face – or in this case, his feet!

mel and co

Mel & Co. Bonded  Leather  10 Watch Storage Box, PRICE: €78.98, Not On The HighStreet

guinness world record

Guinness World Records 2015, PRICE: €19.99, Eason


RJR. John Rocha – Designer Tan Suede Slippers, PRICE: €52.50, Debenhams


You can complain about your siblings all you like, but we all know that deep down it’s all just love! These suggestions will keep your brother(s) warm and giggling throughout the Christmas period – he probably wouldn’t want it any other way!

the big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory, Season 1 -7 (DVD), PRICE: €49.99, HMV

hugo boss gift set

Hugo Boss, 3 Pack Socks Gift set Multicolour, PRICE: €32.00, Arnotts


Jack & Jones, Mens PRM Cardigan, PRICE: £34.99,

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Posted on October 8, 2014

Foundation VS concealer: which comes first?


foundation vs concealer

At this stage, it’s probably been drilled into your head that concealer has to come before foundation. But, the truth of the matter is that it all really comes down to how much coverage you want and what exactly it is you want to achieve (besides flawless looking skin).

Some people only have a few blemishes, meaning they mightn’t require any concealer at all because with non-serious cases, foundation gives just enough coverage to hide unwanted marks. However, others feel that they need concealer to achieve flawless looking skin – or at least to fake a flawless base!

The debate between foundation and concealer application is ongoing and it even brings about conflicting answers from professional makeup artists.  This has lead me to believe that it really comes down to personal choice.

Here’s why you might want to apply foundation first:

If your face feels naked without foundation, apply it first. Then dot concealer only where you need extra coverage.

Cynde Watson, founder of Color by Cynde Watson

Here’s why you might like to start off with concealer:

If you don’t like to wear a full face of foundation, apply concealer first to the areas that need full coverage. Then you might find you don’t need foundation at all—or need only a little bit to even out skin tone and make your skin look flawless.

Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

I normally apply foundation first and then go over a few areas with some concealer afterwards.  Which do you start off with? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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Posted on August 14, 2014

6 beauty tips for getting rid of dark circles

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beauty tips

We’ve all been there: that one week where you’re overloaded with work overload and you just can’t seem to catch a break. That one time you desperately need a few hours of self-pampering – except when you finally do get the chance, you completely regret looking at your reflection in the mirror.

Yes, we’ve all been there.

Dark circles can be a total beauty nightmare and more often than not, they are usually a sign of sleep deprivation – unless of course you’ve had them all your life (our genes don’t always work in our favour).

When it comes to treating dark circles, one of the most common remedies is to cut a few slices of cucumbers and put them over your eyelids. But in severe case, cucumbers just won’t work and you will have to try a few other things to conquer this beauty problem:

1. Get more sleep
Of course a full night of shut-eye won’t keep dark circles at bay, but since a lot of the times dark circles are a sign of sleep deprivation, it’s a good idea to clock in a few more hours in La La Land.

2. Drink more water
In some cases, dehydration can be the cause of dark circles. Try your best to get at least eight glasses of water each day. If you get bored of drinking normal water, you could be more adventurous and try one of these.

lemon water

3. Maybe some milk
The protein and enzymes in milk can help heal certain skin problems. Dab a bit of cotton into chilled milk and apply it over your eyelids for about 15 minutes. Do this a couple of times a week until you see results.

4. Watch your diet
Dark circles can also be a sign of a poor diet. Lay off the junk and try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables – eventually it will shine through in your face.

5. Almond oil
Apply a few drops of almond oil around your dark circles and gently massage it in before you go to bed. This natural oil will help moisturise and lighten this part of your skin.

6. Rose water
Soak some cotton wool into rose water and apply over eyelids for 10 – 15 minutes. This will help rejuvenate the skin around your eye area, giving it a brighter appearance.

Do you have any tips for easing dark circles around the eyes? If so, feel free to share them with me!

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