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Posted on August 18, 2014

7 tips and tricks for barely there makeup


tips n tricks for barely there makeup

Every now and again, the ‘no makeup’ look is exactly what you need to make it through the day – especially when that’s all you have time for in the morning!

Here are 7 tips and tricks for nailing that ‘barely there’ look:

Scrub up well
Your skin is your canvas, so a mini pampering session is probably more important than anything you do after that. Cleanse, exfoliate, wash and then tone – do NOT forget to moisturise.

Stick to neutrals
Since the whole purpose of a ‘barely there’ look is to make it seem like you aren’t wearing any makeup, it’s always a good idea to stick to neutral eye colors that blend well with your skin.

Avoid the liner
This can be pretty hard to do for eyeliner addicts, but applying eyeliner is a dead giveaway that you have makeup on. If you must, stick to a light brown or gray instead of black. Be sure to blend it well.

Define the lash
It’s always important to play up the eyes when you are going for this look. Add one or two layers of mascara to draw out your eyes more – remember not to get too carried away.

Tinted moisturiser
Tinted moisturiser is a lifesaver when it comes to the natural look. It is very light so you never have to worry about having that ‘heavy’ look that some foundations can give you.

Bronze it up
A bit of bronzer is a good way to add some life into your face with very little effort. Contour around your temples and the hollows of your cheeks – not only will it liven you up but it will also slim you down!

A pop of color
Tinted balms are a great substitute for lipstick/ lip gloss when you’re aiming for the ‘barely there’ look. They are becoming increasingly popular so finding one that will give you the natural look isn’t really a problem nowadays. Boots have a lovely selection!

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Posted on August 14, 2014

6 beauty tips for getting rid of dark circles

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beauty tips

We’ve all been there: that one week where you’re overloaded with work overload and you just can’t seem to catch a break. That one time you desperately need a few hours of self-pampering – except when you finally do get the chance, you completely regret looking at your reflection in the mirror.

Yes, we’ve all been there.

Dark circles can be a total beauty nightmare and more often than not, they are usually a sign of sleep deprivation – unless of course you’ve had them all your life (our genes don’t always work in our favour).

When it comes to treating dark circles, one of the most common remedies is to cut a few slices of cucumbers and put them over your eyelids. But in severe case, cucumbers just won’t work and you will have to try a few other things to conquer this beauty problem:

1. Get more sleep
Of course a full night of shut-eye won’t keep dark circles at bay, but since a lot of the times dark circles are a sign of sleep deprivation, it’s a good idea to clock in a few more hours in La La Land.

2. Drink more water
In some cases, dehydration can be the cause of dark circles. Try your best to get at least eight glasses of water each day. If you get bored of drinking normal water, you could be more adventurous and try one of these.

lemon water

3. Maybe some milk
The protein and enzymes in milk can help heal certain skin problems. Dab a bit of cotton into chilled milk and apply it over your eyelids for about 15 minutes. Do this a couple of times a week until you see results.

4. Watch your diet
Dark circles can also be a sign of a poor diet. Lay off the junk and try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables – eventually it will shine through in your face.

5. Almond oil
Apply a few drops of almond oil around your dark circles and gently massage it in before you go to bed. This natural oil will help moisturise and lighten this part of your skin.

6. Rose water
Soak some cotton wool into rose water and apply over eyelids for 10 – 15 minutes. This will help rejuvenate the skin around your eye area, giving it a brighter appearance.

Do you have any tips for easing dark circles around the eyes? If so, feel free to share them with me!

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