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Posted on November 26, 2018

The truth about going viral


iNews feature about viral story

Having a tweet or funny video go viral is something that most creatives could only dream of. The thought of having hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of the globe repeatedly share something that started off as an idea in a content creator’s mind is the ultimate way to massage one’s ego, right? I’m afraid not.

As many of you know, an open letter I wrote about my experience of being racially sexualised by Irish men received a lot of traction when it was first published. What I thought would open important discourse surrounding interracial dating in a country that I now consider my home, resulted in me being a target for online trolling and abuse.

Receiving hateful messages online after my open letter went viral became such a regular occurrence that it led to me closing my comment section on YouTube and becoming a complete social hermit.

While I did write a blog on how to deal with bad publicity, I never really delved into the darker side of how I felt after the events that transpired. It was just too emotional.

Last week, I finally mustered the strength to do exactly that as I was interviewed by former HuffPost UK Editor Poorna Bell for a feature in iNews.

iNews feature about viral story

The iNews feature highlights the impact of having a story go viral in the wrong and unwanted sense. It was the perfect opportunity for me to share a raw account of how trolling can affect a person’s well-being.

I will admit that I was hesitant at first, but the award-winning journalist dealt with my story with such delicacy and care. Poorna was aware of the sensitivity of the topic throughout the whole interview process – even when she was trying to get to the core of what happened.

I have so much respect for authentic journalists who strive to uncover accurate accounts of real life stories and I genuinely cannot thank Poorna enough for sharing mine in such a raw way.

To read my feature about the very real impact online trolling can have on a person’s well-being, click here.

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Posted on November 18, 2018

INGLOT’S New All Flawless, All Covered Collection


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Inglot’s new revolutionary collection. The All Flawless, All Covered Collection offers high quality and innovative products at reasonable prices.

With 10 lightweight yet highly pigmented foundation shades and 8 creamy high-coverage concealer shades, this brand new collection enhances beauty by offering full coverage without giving a cake or mask-like effect.

What you need to know about Inglot’s All Covered foundation | RRP: €38.00

  • Flawless Skin Effect.
  • Buildable Coverage with a Natural, Radiant Finish.
  • Effortlessly Covers Skin Imperfections and Discoloration.
  • Optically Smoothens out Skin Texture.
  • Care Ingredients such as Vitamin E (aka “The Youth Vitamin”) moisturise the skin and improve elasticity whilst HD Pigments ensure an impeccable, stunning finish.

Inglot’s All Flawless, All Covered foundation in shade 19 and 20.

What you need to know about Inglot’s All Covered Under Eye Concealer | RRP: €20.00

  • Effortlessly Covers Dark Circles, Imperfections and Discolouration.
  • Creamy, Water-Resistant and Long-Lasting Formula.
  • Saffron-Extract (aka “Red Gold”) and Vitamin E (aka “The Youth Vitamin”) moisturise the skin and visibly improve its Elasticity).
  • Beautiful for Contouring.

Since there are only two shades available for dark skinned women in this range, I had to combine the two darkest shades to find the right one for my skin tone. Thankfully, the combination of shade 20 and 19 suited me perfectly and I now get to experience the full effect of what the products from this range can do to hyperpigmentation – something I suffer from as a result of having acne.

Although mixing two shades of foundation does require a little more effort in the mornings, it is certainly worth it! These products are giving me a real confidence boost at the moment as they offer serious coverage without feeling heavy at all on the skin! 🙂

Do you have a go-to foundation? I’d love to know what it is! Tweet me @FilomenaKaguako  🙂

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Currently available nationwide or you can purchase online.

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Posted on November 12, 2018

5 podcasts for the empowered woman


If I had to choose between watching reruns of Friends and spending an evening catching up on some of my favourite podcasts then I wouldn’t hesitate in picking the latter. Filling my mind with enriching, educational and empowering podcasts, trumps (small t) the overeating and unnecessary sugar consumption that often accompanies my Netflix binges.

After subscribing to a healthy dose of podcasts such as Ted Talks Daily, Girls With Goals – to name just a few – I have found a lot of solace in hearing different stories and lived experiences by women who probably aren’t very different to me.

The hosts of these podcasts speak comfortably and confidently, I don’t get the impression that they are afraid of exercising their right to be heard – something I’ve been struggling with lately.

Each podcast offers open and honest discussions about everything from career to spirituality to…vaginal discharge – you know who you are!

So without further ado, here are my top 5 podcast recommendations for the empowered woman – a label I’ll let you define for yourself 🙂

1. Almost 30 Podcast

Almost 30 Podcast is probably one of the first podcasts I started listening to and now that I am pushing thirty, I think it’s safe to say that it is one of the few that I can resonate the most with. I consider myself to be quite a spiritual person, someone who values self development. Personal growth is one of the main themes running in this podcast, along with wellness and entrepreneurship.

Notable episodes:

  • Ep. 129 – How to become a Rich B*tch: The Language of Money , Dealing with Debt + Negotiating Everything with Nicole Lapin. Listen here.
  • Ep. 142 – What is White Privilege? Waking Up to Our Unconscious Biases with Thais Sky. Listen here.
  • Ep. 154 – The Sacredness of Being Single With Lindsey. Listen here.


2. Guys We F*****

Although Guys We F***** is a fairly new addition to my subscription list, I have a lot of appreciation for the few episodes that I have listened to. The anti-slut shaming podcast celebrates female sexuality while not solely focusing on the presumed obvious (sex). But if you are a sexually liberated female who doesn’t believe a woman’s body count is directly linked to whether or not she respects herself, then this one is for you.

Trigger alert: be prepared for a lot of cursing. And I mean, a lot.

Notable episodes:

  • Am I Just F****** Crazy? with Amanda Knox. Listen here.
  • Did Kevin Spacey Touch Your D***? Listen here. 

3. It Galz

It Galz is a one of a kind Irish podcast hosted by two incredible women who never shy away from speaking their truth. The recently renounced feminists have honest discourse around the Irish blogging industry, pop culture and the fickle nature of online dating. The fact that my girl Mai does the soundtrack for this show is just the cherry on top! 😉

Notable episodes:

  • Ep. 53 – The Reality of Online Trolling with Fiona Hamilton. Listen here.
  • Ep. 55 – The Rage Against The Dating Machine. Listen here.
  • Ep. 57 – Bitches With Boundaries. Listen here.
  • Ep. 58 – Female Empowerment…or Exploitation. Listen here.
  • Ep. 63 – F*** Feminism…? Listen here.

4. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

Just when we thought queen Oprah gave us everything she possible could she went and launched this podcast for us. This is genuinely one of the most thought provoking podcasts I have ever come across. The conversations are pulled from the Super Soul Sunday show and some interviews are recordered exclusively for the podcast. If you like deep and truly philosophical discussions then this one is for you!

Notable Episodes:

  • Brene Brown: Rising Strong. Listen here.
  • Mitch Landrieu: A White Southerner Confronts History. Listen here.
  • Elie Wiesel: Living with an Open Heart. Listen here.

5. The High Low

The High Low podcast nourishes every single fiber of my being – no exaggeration. Okay, maybe I’m slightly exaggerating. Nonetheless, I think both Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are the epitome of class and grace in a woman and they embody everything I aspire to be as a writer.

Both women have such an eloquent way of speaking and before you say anything, I should note that I would think the same if we removed their middle class English accents out of the equation #JustSayin

Every time I listen to an episode of The High Low I learn a new word – if you know me personally then you would know that learning new words mean a great deal to me as I’m a bit of a word nut! 🙂

The High Low gals have intellectual conversations around current affairs and pop culture and since I have yet to find a disappointing episode of this mind-stimulating show, I will refrain from narrowing down my suggestions to just one or two episodes.

Each and every single episode has offered me something I wasn’t even aware I needed. Yes, I think Dolly and Pandora are a powerful duo but I also believe they are both inspirational in their own right.

I genuinely cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Listen to The High Low podcast here.

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If you have any podcast recommendations, I would love to know what they are! Feel free to tweet me @FilomenaKaguako 🙂

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