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Posted on July 21, 2013

The Liebster award


I was recently nominated for the Liebster award….excited, enthusiastic and anxious, I just couldn’t wait to see what that meant! of course being me I quickly discovered that I was getting a bit ahead of myself….

The Liebster award is a way for early stage bloggers to connect and get to know each other.  ‘Liebster’ which is German for ‘beloved’ means that being nominated for this award meant that I was favored by the beautiful closbeautyspot to answer a few questions about myself….

To keep this nice and short, I decided to make a video for the second part of this task so get reading!

Questions asked by Closbeautyspot:

1. Favorite beauty/hair product of all time? Apart from water, my matte red lipstick

2. Movies or books? Psychological thrillers all the way! 

3. What is your idea of a great day off? Not having to lift a finger all day

4. High end or high street makeup?  Assuming high street means pharmacy makeup…..high end makeup!

5. Favorite country? J’adore Paris

6. Glass half full or half empty? Half empty (but it’s something I’m working on!)

7. Why did you start bloggingI decided it was time for me to explore my deep rooted passion for beauty 

8. Favorite thing to eat or drink? Watch the video below to find out 🙂

9. Night in or night out? Depends where I am! 

10. What character would you be in Harry Potter & why? Harry Potter because he’s as complex as me!

We’re half way there everyone, here is a quick video on ’11 facts about me: IMG_0256 make sure you comment below on anything I’ve said in this video!

Now I’m going to tag 10 other bloggers on twitter and get them to give us 11 facts and answers to this:

1. What’s your favorite food?

2. Where did you celebrate your last birthday?

3.Favorite makeup brand? (why)

4. Least favorite makeup brand (why)

5. How long do you spend on your makeup?

6. What’s the longest part of your process?

7. Would you leave the house without makeup?

8. How often do you exercise?

9. Is there anything that annoys you about applying makeup, if so what?

10. Did you have a good weekend?

Hope you enjoyed my post and video! Make sure you check out closbeautyspot  she’s very stylish and creative (always a good mix!) and keep an eye out for my post on Summer essential this week!


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