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Posted on May 15, 2014

D.I.Y Ginger detox bath


ginger diy detox

If you’ve never heard of a detox bath until today, then you’re probably wondering why you’ll ever need one. Well, as you already know, we live in a world full of toxins and lurking bacteria, so a detox bath is a great way of getting rid of all those bad toxins that build up in the body every day.

So how exactly does this work?

It’s simple really, when it comes to a detox bath, sweating is the name of the game. Sweating is a very powerful way of getting rid of nasty toxins from the body and by adding some ginger to a hot tub, you can go the extra mile – without actually running!

Here’s what you’ll need for a ginger detox bath:

–  2 tbsp ground ginger
–  Tub of comfortably hot water (the operative word being ‘comfortably’)

1, Fill the tub and add three tablespoons of ground ginger. If you don’t have ground ginger, you can use freshly grated ginger instead.
2, Mix it up and then soak yourself in the bath for about 25 minutes.
3, After a while, you will feel your body sweating, so it’s a good idea to keep some bottled water handy.

By the end of this, you’ll be sweating like a pig – even an hour or two after you’re out of the bath! So remember to wear light clothing and drink plenty of water when you’re done.

Apparently a ginger detox bath is also good for warding off the symptoms of an oncoming cold – prevention is better than cure right?

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