4. Straightening things out with Chris & Ciara!

June 6th 2017: I spoke to my favourite duo about some of the backlash my open letter received after it went viral. Catch up on my other interviews during my ‘PR scandal‘ over here.

3. Reading my open letter on air!

May 11th 2017: I read my open letter on air and spoke to Chris & Ciara about the hypersexualisation of women of colour.

2. Let’s talk about pegging!

March 21st 2017: Myself and the fabulous duo spoke about our views on pegging following a YouTube video I did on the topic.

1. My first radio appearance!


Feburary 14th 2017: A month after launching my YouTube channel I made my debut radio appearance. I spoke to Chris & Ciara from RTE 2FM about the 5 things Irish guys should never say to a black girl on Tinder. Read more here.

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