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Posted on January 21, 2016

8 types of people you’ll meet at the gym

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Being a regular gym goer means I come across a wide range of people who share the same passion for health & fitness as I do.  I bump into a few once every blue moon.  While others have me questioning whether or not they live there.

Since I go at least four times a week, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten to learn the habits of avid gym nuts and have witnessed some of the most unfathomable behaviour from my fellow gym lovers. So here’s a list of eight ‘types’ of people you’re bound to meet at the gym:

gym goers judging

1. The selfie king

Sometimes you get the impression that the selfie king goes to the gym just to take selfies. It almost seems like they document every workout from start to finish – and with little to no shame! One or two selfies? Absolutely fine! Check in on Facebook? Again, totally normal. But is a two hundred second Snapchat story really necessary? I dunno…..

2. The makeup addict

You’ll never see the makeup addict without makeup. Before her workout, she is caked in it and after her workout, she is just as caked (what setting spray does she use and where can I find it, right?). The makeup addict won’t dare to break a sweat because she fears she’ll rub off her perfectly drawn brows. If it weren’t for the yoga pants, the sports top and kicks, you’d never guess that the makeup addict is going to the gym.

3. The show off

I can already sense you rolling your eyes as you think of someone who fits the bill. No matter what fitness club you’re in, you’ll surely come across that one person who makes a point of letting everyone and anyone know that their dead lifting game is unbelievably strong. They also walk around half naked so that they can strut their stuff. #Gainz #FitFam #Lean. We get it, you’re not new to this at all.

gym goers gym rats

4. The serious one

This person takes gym time a tad bit too seriously. You always see them carrying around a post-workout shake alongside an unusually large collection of workout gadgets that only a true die-hard fitness fanatic could own. The serious one drinks at least three litres of water a day, works out every single day and even weighs their food! There’s no stopping this guy!

5. The chilled one

The chilled one takes even the most intense workouts in stride. They calmly float about in the weights room as if they haven’t a bother in the world. These are the types of people you need to have around when you pull a leg muscle and have a near-death moment because you can always rely on the aura of the chilled one to calm you down.

6. The newbie

You can spot a newbie from a mile away. He or she jumps from one machine to the other in hopes that they will eventually figure out how one works because they are too shy to ask anyone around them. When the newbie finally discovers how to use a machine, they do more sets that required and then call it a day – bless them!

gym goers newbies

7. The two bestos

When you see one, you see the other. They are never apart. They attend every single class together and only use the treadmills when they can find ones next to each other. In the world of the two bestos, the gym isn’t a place to sweat. It’s a place to socialise and have a bit of a laugh.

8. The nudist

The nudist tends to prance around in, well, the nude (in case the name didn’t give it away). The second they get into the changing room, they strip down bare and walk around with pride. They’ll try to make small talk with you so you don’t feel uncomfortable although you never know where to look. Sharing the changing room with a nudist is one thing, but when it comes to sharing the sauna, then all bets are off!

What kind of people do you encounter at the gym? If you’re an active gym goer like myself, then which ‘type’ are you!? I’ll let you decide which one you think  I am! 🙂

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