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Posted on July 24, 2020

Proving my femininity

Body Confidence

proving my femininity

If you’ve been following my Black Lives Matter journey on Instagram then you would know that I have made a number of contributions to the movement. Between publishing a blog about the importance of having healthy racial discourse and playing a part in the creation of the Black Irish Lives issue for The Irish Times Magazine. I have not been shy about highlighting racial issues both within the Black community and outside of it.

One of my recent contributions to the wider conversation about Black Lives Matter puts a focus on black women specifically as sometimes I get the impression that the black female voice gets silenced more than others.

In my article for Rogue, titled ‘Proving my femininity: when will black female bodies be enough?’ I shed light on how I navigate body image concerns by tackling unrealistic beauty standards for black women.

Under the male gaze and societal views, black women tend to fall under two categories: we are either fetishised, sexualised and exotified or criticised for not being feminine. While I have been subjected to both, I focus on the latter in my guest post for Rogue as I touch on perceived femininity, body types, female body hair and more.

Rogue is an all female collective which publishes content for women within a subscription model. I personally feel that the team has created a safe space for women to talk about delicate issues which is why I felt comfortable starting this conversation on their platform.

For as little as €4/month you can access all articles on Rogue and expect four new pieces to your inbox every Sunday. 

To read ‘Proving my femininity: when will black female bodies be enough?’ be sure to subscribe to Rogue 🙂

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Posted on July 22, 2015

The New Voyage Collection from The Body Shop

product review

thebody shop newvoyage collection 2

If you’re a fan of The Body Shop, then you will be very happy to hear that their New Voyage collection will be on the shelves and ready to make their way to your comforting homes, by the end of this week – let the countdown begin!

With best-selling products like Shea Body Butter and Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, one can only assume that whatever they have lined up for us will be up to the same standards, if not better. But for those of you who are The Body Shop virgins, let me give you the gist of what to expect of the updated New Voyage collection.

Some of the top international perfumers, have created the most sensual fragrances using authentic, traditional ingredients from around the globe. Of the five fragrances in this range, I was very lucky to have the Italian Summer Fig – the highlight of this collection – sent to me for testing and review.


This Eau de Toilette comes in a half-globe shaped glass bottle, boxed up in a sophisticated monochrome print which is eye-catching, unique and inspired by Tuscan fabric. While the packaging did a great job in luring me in, I was very skeptical about the scent, seeing it was developed from figs – not my go to fruit at all! But much to my surprise, infused figs make for a very rare and special kind of fragrance.

The captivating aroma of the Italian Summer Fig is a harmony of femininity and sensuality. It has a delicate floral scent with a hint of green forest. While figs are the centre of the fragrance, it does have a milky touch to it also.

I was really taken aback by this eau de toilette as I genuinely didn’t expect the fragrance to be so appealing to my senses. It is light and not overpowering at all, a few spritz should give you just what you need to make it through a summer’s day – not that we get many in Ireland!

So if you like a sweet, feminine scent with a milky touch, then the Italian Summer Fig is definitely something worth trying!

italian summer fid

Other scents in the Voyage range:

Indian Night Jasmine (warm and floral)

Japanese Cherry Blossom (fruity and floral)

Atlas Mountain Rose (spicy and floral)

Fijan Water Lotus (marine and floral)

What I found particularly interesting about this Voyage range is the fact that each box incorporates a traditional design from its region of origin. I think this adds a personal touch to it, and makes if that extra bit more special! Additionally, each fragrance is available as a set of bath and body products too  – always a bonus when you’re looking for a longer-lasting scent 🙂

All fragrances are priced at €29.95 and will be available to buy from The Body Shop by the end of the week!

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