Posted on June 8, 2018

No More Peach Fuzz thanks to Skinfull Affairs!!!

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If you’re anything like me – ageing by the second, reminiscing on the prime of your beauty, worried about early menopause and so on and so fourth….then you probably feel somewhat anxious about your skin and unwanted body hair on summery days. It is a known fact that natural light can be unforgiving to skin flaws and those who live a secret life of plucking hairs from their chin – say no more.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way, because there is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks to Skinfull Affairs, a beauty salon based in Dublin on 34 Exchequer Street, there is a timeless way to remove unwanted body hair while simultaneously boosting your body confidence: threading.

So what is threading according to Skinfull Affairs?

Threading is an ancient method of depilation and can remove even the finest hairs, leaving skin soft and smooth. This gentle form of hair removal is even suitable for the most sensitive skins. No chemicals or tools are used aside from an antibacterial thread that is twisted to pull the hair from the root.

  • It is chemical – free
  • The results are long lasting
  • It is very precise
  • It is quicker than waxing
  • It leaves a cleaner finish

My threading experience at Skinfull Affairs

I arrived at the lovely Skinfull Affairs about 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time and was greeted by a very welcoming staff member who had me fill in a form and offer me a glass a water. When she headed back to set up, I had the opportunity to browse the store and sample some of their body creams and lotions.

When the time came for me to start my treatment, I was pretty nervous. Thankfully, the woman looking after me calmed down my nerves with her words of encouragement. The second she started the treatment, I wanted to scream. I found the first few minutes of threading to be pretty sore as a first timer but I did take a few breaks during the treatment so it was all very bearable.

The most painful area was my eyebrows and the least painful area was my chin – it must be used to all the pain from plucking! Overall, the pain was not overwhelming bad, and I have certainly endured worse!

The Results

Before Threading

After threading

The results were impeccable, I had never seen my face so smooth before. The redness caused by the threading  didn’t last very long which was surprising to me since my skin is very sensitive. I looked and felt young and fresh again! 🙂


A skin-calming product for after threading

I was told not to use any saunas or steam rooms, no swimming or makeup for 24 hours. Avoiding the steam room was hard, but it was worth it after!

How often do you need to get it done?

Eyebrows after threading

I am four weeks into the treatment and I don’t seem to need a top up just yet. The amount of treatments a person needs depends on their hair growth of course and everybody is different – some need threading done every month, while the results for others can last for up to eight weeks!

Would I recommend it?

All smiles here! 

I would 100% recommend it to those who use waxing or other chemicals to remove hair since threading os natural. The staff in Skinfull Affairs were lovely and very informative, they were incredibly patient with me also.

For your free assessment and a price list of all threading treatments, check out

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A massive thank you to Skinfull Affairs for looking after me! All opinions  remain my own.

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