Posted on June 26, 2017

New pride flag: divisive or inclusive?

Race/ Sexuality

I think it’s a really good idea, as inclusive as you can be! Because you wanna represent everybody and pride is all about including people and making people be happy with themselves

I recently discovered that a new pride flag was launched in Philadelphia in an attempt to fight racism and recognise LGBT people of colour. As it stands, the universal rainbow flag has six colours, each having their own separate meaning: life (red), healing (orange), sunlight (yellow), nature (green), serenity (blue) and spirit (violet).

In the redesigned rainbow flag, the colours black and brown have been added to include people of colour who feel they are under-represented in the gay community. Personally, I would have thought that the colour red (symbolising life) represented people in the LGBT community of all backgrounds and ethnicities especially since the original colours on the flag do not signify race.

However, I am a straight black woman so I don’t really think it’s my place to comment on any modifications to a flag that isn’t mine. So the curious cat in me took it upon herself to ask people of the LGBTQ+ community in Dublin what their thoughts are on this variation of the gay pride flag.

Here are some of the responses….

It has nothing to do with racial identity at all


I’m really iffy on it


Whatever flag you want is whatever flag you use


Pride is for everyone, it’s not race exclusive


I think it’s an absolutely positive development


I don’t think sexuality is about race, that’s a separate issue

Mainly the LGBT movement is about sexuality and freedom


Have you any thoughts on this variation of the rainbow flag? Comment below or tweet me @FilomenaKaguako 🙂

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