Posted on August 24, 2015

Irish Fitness Gurus that will inspire you to hit the gym

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We all know that social media is absolutely saturated with fitness addicts, healthy eaters and dedicated gym goers. I’ve personally found Instagram to be one of the best sources when it comes to finding fitness motivation. While there are plenty of international fitness junkies out there like Jen Selter (I honestly think she should trademark that ass), I do find it more inspiring to follow the journey of those who are closer to home and based on Irish soil.

I think the transformations that some of these ladies have undergone are unquestionably mind-blowing and I honestly think that anyone who has even the slightest interest in health, fitness or both, should see these images for themselves – I am actually in awe!

Stephanie O’Quigley

stephanie oquigley

Instagram: @stephanieoquigley

It took Stephanie two and a half years of healthy eating and exercising to lose five stone and now she is committed to that lifestyle. While she likes to keep her body guessing with different types of exercises, HIIT training works the best for her. She eats a high protein diet and tries to avoid dairy. For more on Stephanie’s eating habits, check out her blog or Instagram.

Kelly Donegan

kelly donegan fitness queen

Instagram: @itskellydonegan

Kelly Donegan is the ultimate health and fitness queen. Her life revolves around clean eating and making sure her abs are in check (no wonder they’re perfecto!). Finding fitness was a massive saviour for Kelly as it gave her a new outlet to be successful. She has participated in competitions in the past and she continues to throw herself in challenging environments. She is currently developing her website, but has plenty of workout inspiration on her Instagram.

Faces by Grace

faces by grace fitness

Instagram: @facesbygrace23

Here we have yet another remarkable transformation of a driven and focused gal . Not that she needs much of an introduction, Grace Mongey, widely known as Faces by Grace is a qualified MUA and beauty blogger. While I think she is extremely skilled with a makeup brush, I find her fitness journey the most inspiring. Her hard work has led to her becoming the brand ambassador of Miss Skinny Fit Tea and an idol for those looking to embark in a life of health and fitness. For healthy recipes, fitness tips, and more, check out her YouTube and Instagram.

Grainne Nash

grainne nash fitness guru

Instagram: @insta_gra_88

Last, but not least, is Grainne Nash. A dedicated weight lifter who is currently prepping to compete in the Nabba and Ribbf bikini competitions.  She is committed to clean eating (full fat clean food up to 10 times a day) and pays frequent visits to the gym. Just looking at these photos is enough motivation for me! For progress photos and more #fitspiration, check out her personal Instagram account @insta_gra_88.

I commend every single one of these ladies for being so devoted to their health and fitness. I think it is evidence of strength, courage and an exceptional work ethic.

I truly find them inspiring and think they are evidence that making the right diet choices and being consistent with workouts, eventually will pay off. While all four of these ladies are huge fitness influencers for me, I would be delighted if even just one of them inspires you to start being the best version of yourself!

And because no fitness post is ever complete without a motivational quote, here is one of my favourites…..

It’s a shame for anyone to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which their body is capable of

Thanks for reading my post, hope you all have a meaningful and productive day 🙂

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