Bfree Oafy Loaf

#BFitBFree with Claire McGrath & BFree Oaty Loaf

A nutritious and delicious alternative to porridge Yesterday morning, was like no other Wednesday morning. Myself and a small group of health conscious bloggers got into our best #FitFam gear and made our way to the super spacious and creative Iconic Offices, for an intense yoga session with fitness expert Claire McGrath to celebrate the exclusive launch of the new BFree Oaty Loaf. The WFF Fitness PRO started us off ...
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Teatox: 6 things I liked about Yo Tea

I can already sense some of you diehard fitness fanatics judging me as I write this. But before you start going on a rampage about how much you dislike the idea of teatoxing, do hear me out. I was in no shape or form trying to lose a ton of weight when I first started this 28-day teatox - If anything, I could probably do with a few extra booty ...
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juiing tips

10 juicing tips for beginners

I’m no professional when it comes to juicing. However, I do feel that I’ve been juicing for long enough to know that freshly made juice tastes better when consumed within 20 minutes, the juicing strainer can be an absolute pain to clean after using carrots, and some fruit and vegetables are just not that juicable! So whether you’re new to the wonderful world of juicing or thinking about joining, here ...
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workouts fun

5 ways to make your workouts fun

I often get asked how I find the motivation to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, get into my workout gear, drive all the way to the gym for a morning session, and then carry on with the rest of my working day. Now putting aside the fact that I am a bit of a crazy person (aren’t we all), I think one of the main reasons I ...
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beet juice

5 health shots that are good for your body

I always find that health shots are great for a quick pick-me- up. Being a non-coffee drinker and a complete energy drink foe, I have to find other ways to give myself an energy boost. Spirulina shots are usually my go-to, but recently I have been experimenting with a few others which are quite beneficial too. Here are some shots you might want to try for either giving your body ...
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good carbs

The truth about carbs

A low-carb diet has never been my thing. I have always been a firm believer that all foods should be consumed in moderation. That’s why I continue to be baffled by those who are constantly carb-counting or totting up their calories half-way through the day. In my eyes, carbs are not the enemy. What a lot of people don’t realise is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with carbohydrates. Provided ...
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quinoa sushi

Quinoa Sushi Rolls

Today’s blog post was actually supposed to be on one of The Body Shop’s scrubs that I am absolutely addicted to – I seriously need to get a review up before I finish it all! However, seeing it is my mother’s birthday and she loves sushi as much as I do, I decided to treat her with a lovely little lunch in bed. And since I always take pics of ...
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kale chips recipe 1

Baked Kale Chips

As you probably already know, kale is quite popular among healthy eaters. Not only is it low in fat and calories, but it is great for helping with digestion due to its high fibre content. I normally add kale to my green smoothies, but every now and again, I like a crunchy treat. If you have a weak spot for crispy goodness or even want a guilt-free crispy treat, then ...
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homemadechicken goujons

Homemade chicken goujons

I can be a bit funny about chicken – I know, it doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype! But, surprisingly enough, I go through phases where I don’t go near chicken at all. Now part of the reason for that is that I am a big fan of fish and often regard it as my main source of protein. However, I can’t rely on the likes of tilapia or even turkey ...
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irish fitness gurus

Irish Fitness Gurus that will inspire you to hit the gym

We all know that social media is absolutely saturated with fitness addicts, healthy eaters and dedicated gym goers. I’ve personally found Instagram to be one of the best sources when it comes to finding fitness motivation. While there are plenty of international fitness junkies out there like Jen Selter (I honestly think she should trademark that ass), I do find it more inspiring to follow the journey of those who ...
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