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New beauty range alert!!! The Body Shop Oils Of Life & Spa Of The World

Yesterday evening saw the launch of two new ranges from The Body Shop: Oils Of Life, a skincare range which uses natural seed oils to revive, replenish & revitalise the skin, and Spa Of The World, a collection of pampering-session products which were created using naturally sourced ingredients from different parts of the world. To mark this special occasion, a group of bloggers were invited to get pampered in their ...
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green angel cover

Review: Green Angel Skincare

I know I haven’t done a beauty product review in a while – since I got on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon I’ve been finding it hard to get off! So to kick things off, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on a brand which I have been using every day (without fail) over the past couple of weeks: Green Angel. If the name rings a bell, then it’s probably because ...
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acne awareness month 4

Top tips for dealing with summer acne

My final post for Acne Awareness Month will be about dealing with summer breakouts. As you well know, our bodies produce more oil and perspiration tends to increase during the summer. This can lead to acne breakouts, which is why it is important to take extra care of your skin during hot temperatures. Here are some top tips for dealing with summer breakouts: Avoid using heavy moisturisers as they are ...
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acne awareness month week  3

Celebrities who suffered from acne

My third article for Acne Awareness Month will be about celebrities who suffered from acne. Why? Because when most people think of celebrities, they think of perfect beings with multiple bank accounts, who spend millions on their daily appearance and never have to worry about having a bad day. But in case you haven’t noticed, celebrities are human too. This means, they are subjected to human problems and insecurities just ...
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acne awareness month week 2

12 things you shouldn’t say to someone with acne

I know we’ve come to the end of the week, but because I am a firm believer of making everyday count, I’m going to carry on with my blog post for week two of Acne Awareness Month - I’m a rebel like that! So for my second acne -related post, I will be discussing things you should never ever ever say to someone with acne. For starters, if you don’t ...
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common acne myths

5 common acne myths busted

June is Acne Awareness Month. So for every week of this month, I’m going to do an acne-related post that will hopefully raise awareness of this skin problem. If you know me personally, then you would know that I grew up with acne. It’s not something I like to talk about a lot because let’s face it - when the topic of acne is brought up all you get is ...
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5 ways to reduce cellulite

5 natural ways to reduce cellulite

Cellulite is one of those things that most women will have to deal with at some stage in their life. The majority of women will have this skin condition to one degree or another and for some and it can be a source of embarrassment that keeps them shying away during bikini season – which is nearly upon us! But before I get into the nitty gritty as to how ...
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6 summer beauty essentials

The sun is finally back! This means, we’ll have a few summer-related beauty posts with plenty of tips for keeping shiny skin in check – always a priority in summer weather! So are some of the first things that spring to mind when you think of summer? Ice-cream, light clothing, the beach, tanning and so on and so fourth..... I'd be lying if I said that those things don't automatically ...
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nail biting

7 Bad beauty habits to break

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit: you leave mascara on your lashes today, you forget to wash your face tomorrow and before you know it, going to bed with a full face of makeup becomes a normal part of your life. Sleeping with makeup is probably one of the most common bad beauty habits out there – next to nail biting, that is. But just because ...
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Must-have beauty tools for the skincare obsessive

This year, I've decided to revolutionise my beauty regime. I know, I know, it's a big step for me - especially since I’m so used my own ways of doing things! But I guess there's no harm in trying new things, and besides, “new year, new me,” right? To kick things off, I’ve gotten myself a deep cleansing brush. 'Waste of money,' I hear some of you say, but it’s ...
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