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Posted on November 13, 2017

5 things I loved about Limerick City

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Limerick Carriage Tours private hens party

A few weeks ago, myself and my blogger gals made our way to Limerick City. While two of the girls had already been, I was only visiting for the first time so I couldn’t wait to explore a part of Ireland I had never seen before.

There are so many places in the ever so green Emerald Isle that I have yet to explore and while I have the best intentions to visit these places, I seldom make the time to actually pencil them into my schedule. After our night in Limerick, I’m thrilled to say I have ticked a Southern city off my bucket list!

Although we did only spend one evening in the utmost accommodating of hotels that is the Clayton, I do feel that I personally saw enough of the city to have developed a soft spot for it, along with the memories made.

So without further ado, here are the five things I loved about Limerick 🙂

1. The Clayton Hotel 

The Clayton Hotel Limerick welcome

Photo Credit


My first experience of a Clayton Hotel would have been two years ago when myself and my gal Lorna went to  Galway for the races. The staff members were incredibly kind and the food was exquisite. So it didn’t surprise me in the slightest when we received the same level of customer service (if not more) at the Clayton Hotel in Limerick. We were welcomed almost immediately upon arrival and the woman at the desk kindly talked us through the different amenities at the hotel before bringing us to our rooms.

We stayed in two contemporary style bedrooms with free WiFi, flat screens, and ironing boards – an absolute must for my inner wifey!  The hotel also had a fitness centre with an indoor pool, hot tub and steam room – you can only imagine my devastation when heard this as I didn’t bring any gym gear. Nonetheless, we were lucky we got to luxuriate ourselves in other parts of the hotel. Mouth watering dinner and a selectional breakfast at a four star hotel – what more could you want on a Friday evening in Luimneach?

2. The River Shannon

Clayton Hotel Limerick bedroom view at night

Clayton Hotel Limerick bedroom view at night

The Clayton is located on the Steamboat Quay, overlooking the infamous River Shannon. This might not mean anything to some of you, but the hopeless romantic in me felt a sense of awe after staying so close to a tourist attraction I read so much about in Geography class back in secondary school – it almost brought me back to the time I first started learning about it!

We were very lucky to have a room directly facing Ireland’s longest river Shannon and the view was just magical –especially at the night time.

3. Limerick Carriage Tours  

Limerick Carriage Tours hens party

Photo Credit

To make things even more magical – myself and the girls were treated to a tour of the city with Limerick Carriage Tours, a private sightseeing tour of the historical Luimneach. We were brought around the city by a beautiful Irish gypsy horse, a chauffeur and tour guide.

They provided us with a bottle of Prosecco and blankets so we were kept nice and warm while sipping  on our bubbly and learning about a city so full of culture and heritage. The tour lasted for a full hour, but the time actually flew by and a fraction of me wished it went on for a little longer. To find out more about Limerick Carriage Tours, check out their website as they have a 10% discount on carriage tours for hen parties.

4. History & Culture

Travel Ireland Magazine Limerick

A guide for tourists

As I briefly mentioned, Limerick is full of history and being someone from quite a historical town myself, I always appreciate a place that has a good story to tell. From what I saw in such a short space of time, it is undeniable that Limerick city tells quite a fascinating story.

Some of the earliest Viking settlements were in Limerick and it has since then developed into a rather cosmopolitan city. The renowned city of Limerick was Ireland’s national city of culture in 2014 and is a shortlisted candidate for European capital of culture. As much as I love Galway, I sense a bit of competition here, don’t you? 🙂

5. Food & Beverages

Prawn starter at the Clayton Hotel Limerick

Photo Credit

Last and certainly not least, is the food and drinks! During our tour with Limerick Carriage Tours, I spotted both modern pubs and a variety of old styled ones. I also noticed a cafe culture present in the city (which is always refreshing to see as a freelancer).

Myself and the girls confined ourselves to hotel food  for the evening – with good reason! But I certainly would love to explore more of the foodie aspect of Limerick next time around, I mean it is the third most populous city in Ireland, I doubt the old styled pubs are the only reason for that! #GiveMeAllTheFood

Have you ever been to Luimneach? If so, I would love to know your thoughts! 🙂

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9 types of people you’ll meet at Starbucks

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I have a newfound love for Starbucks. And it is not because I have an uncontrollable urge to sip their overpriced coffee every morning. Nor is it because I derive pleasure from taking advantage of free WiFi in a cozy enviornment – okay, maybe the free WiFi plays a bigger part than I’d like to admit. But even with that aside, there is just something about the homely feeling of Starbucks that makes it a breeding ground for my creativity.

I’ve had some of my most productive days in Starbucks. I carry my laptop over my shoulder. Whip it out  of my bottomless bag. Connect to the WiFi… all while sipping on a Teavana tea and devouring a ‘skinny’ blueberry muffin – yes, I’m one of those knob heads who orders tea at a coffee house, problem? I didn’t think so 🙂

With all the time I’ve spent in Starbucks collectively, I’ve noticed thousands of people rush in and out of the door to get their much needed caffeine fix. My extensive research to date a.k.a my people watching skills and my attention to detail has led me to compile a list of the types of people you’ll likely come across at Starbucks.

Tell me I’m not the only one who is seeing a pattern here?


1. The foreign exchange crew

They spend hours trying to decipher the menu while holding up the queue behind them. When they finally come to a decision it is usually something as basic as a tall iced cappuccino *eye roll emoji* can we start a petition for picture menus at Starbucks please?

2. The coffee snob

The venti nonfat chai latte with soy milk no foam but an extra shot and cream.This person knows exactly what they want and how to get it. Their complicated order makes you question whether or not you’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

3. The first timer

And then there’s the Starbucks virgin who stares at the menu like it’s in a foreign language. When asked what size preference, the words tall, grande and venti turn him into a deer at headlights. Awh, bless!


4. The self proclaimed blogger

Attending to the virtual world before the real world is deemed to be more important in the mind of the self proclaimed blogger.This person never lives in the moment. Why? because one does not simply go to Starbucks without documenting it.If you don’t take a picture of your Starbucks, it never happened, period.

5. The getaway hunters

If it’s not their obnoxious kids they need a break from, it’s their overworked husbands. Either way, this group of mothers seem to be under the impression that staying well caffeinated in Starbucks is equal to a weekend away – if it works for you, who am I to judge!

6. The Tinder match

Another awkward first. These two make it blatently obvious that they’re on a first date. Both ordering a basic coffee with no foam to avoid dealing with a milk moustache. Fidgeting and carefully choosing topics of discussion….ugh! Since when did dating  become so hard?


7. The freeloader

The freelancer who sits with their laptop and work for hours and hours on end. You see them sitting in the same spot, doing the same thing every single time you go in. You start to wonder if they should even start paying rent at this stage.

8. The suited business man

He barely makes eye contact when he makes his order. His inner Kanye leads him to believe that the barista knows exactly what he wants when he says ‘the usual,’ but when asked to be more specific, he huffs and puffs.

9. The college kids

The ones who make you reminisce on the days when a coffee vending machine sufficed for that morning coffee fix. You wonder how they can all afford spending a fiver on coffee nearly everyday. They all have superstars and gazelles on, dead giveaway? Or maybe they live with their parents!

Do you recognise any of these Starbucks stereotypes? If so tweet me @FilomenaKaguako 🙂

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